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    Boater Lost off Whidbey Isl WA

    Do. Not. Rely. On. Phone 911. For. On. Water. Rescue.
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    Garhauer rigid vang

    iOS auto correct.
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    Garhauer rigid vang

    If you don’t have a topping life, take your halyard to the boom end, loosen the vang control line, and lift the boom until the vang is unloaded. Take a picture of the line routing. Pull the line off and measure the line. Add or subtract footage per your experience with the prior line length.
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    Prime fiberglass repairs before VC 17?

    Yes you need to prime the rudder/hull with an epoxy primer. Yes you need to remove the old bottom paint first. short cuts = wasted time and having to do it again. Soon.
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    Boat Weight, Has anyone weighed their boat?

    Sure, boat yard TravelLifts provide boat weights.
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    Anyone with a '40 (pref. 80s) who could post photos of your line management?

    Get a local rigger to come out and spend a couple of hours helping you sort things out.
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    Nautical Quiz....This could be a problem...?

    Why is Alabama using a signal flag for their state flag?
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    Disclored Mirrors Beneteau 37

    Just replace the mirror and seal the edges (and any holes) with bath caulk like Rick D did. Moisture gets behind he glass and causes the mirror silvering to deteriorate.
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    Electric bilge pump runs but does not draw water (Beneteau 31)

    Likely the Jabsco diaphragm bilge pump, check the simple stuff like the prefilter screen and hoses, then move on to the valves and diaphragm per Mechone.
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    Need surveyor Hampton VA

    I haven’t used him but I have seen the survey reports provide by Michael Previti, very thorough: He works from Solomons Island. Then there is Steve DiAntonio, he’s an ABYC master tech and all-around knowledgeable guy. Up in Deltaville...
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    Bilge Pump Power Source

    I always find it curious when boat owners decide that they know how to wire a boat better than the boat designer. Good luck.
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    Bilge Pump Power Source

    And what happens when your boat is sinking, and your house battery is dead? Your start battery is your emergency battery, used only in an emergency to start the motor and get critical items power and pumps running. If you follow MaineSail’s advice it is kept charged by the house battery with a...
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    What is a faired keel worth?

    If you are rounding up in a beneteau cruiser your problem is too much sail and the drag you are experiencing is the rudder you are dragging sideways through the water to keep the boat off the wind. I put an old IOR sailer at the helm and this happens on a regular basis. Got to sail them flat.
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    What is a faired keel worth?

    But is it really? Especially in SF Bay where the winds are consistently in the high 20s. My feathering prop gives me a HUGE boost over similar boats at low wind speeds. Like pass em right by. But at higher wind speeds where sails are producing big power, the advantage fades away. I don’t...