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    Trimming main in heavy Air

    Full battens aren't being mentioned. As a cruising (sometimes racing) sailor with less than new sails, full battens are a must! Not only do they stop the flogging when the sheets are cast off, they can also flatten the sail depending upon batten stiffness. I'd suggest having full batten...
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    Main Trimming (new) hijack avoidance...

    Would a traveler on the cockpit sole do the job with acceptable inconvenience? If tripping is a concern, elevate the surface of the cockpit sole to the top of the track with removable gratings. Perhaps that would be Gudenuph, snicker.
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    Sailing Puget Sound (Tacoma, Olympia, Gig Harbor)

    There is a lot to see in South Puget Sound. Google SSSSclub (South Sound Sailing Society) for lots of pictures. For sailing tips and destinations click "Bar" then "Reopened Bulletin Board" and finely "Scuttlebut" for categorized topics of interest. You are almost sure to like what you find.
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    Bedding hardware

    The fix that comes to mind is to fill most of the void with a masonite 'washer' inside the recess and with over-sized holes for bolts. These will provide a cavity around the bolts to prevent the butyl rubber from being squeezed out. Gudenuph
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    Flattening The Main Sail

    Thank you all for your replies. Good, solid, simple advice and that is gudenuph.
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    Flattening The Main Sail

    Just wondering about how to quickly and easily, really flatten the main on a non-bending mast to de-power. Would a wire sewn into the sail in an appropriate curve near the luff from headboard to cunningham cringle do the job? Has anybody seen or used such a contraption? I'm thinking of the...
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    Overboard discharge from deck fill

    While Peggy can give you better advice, we've found that we could double or more the effective capacity of our holding tank by dry-flush evacuation, skid mark removal with a jet of water from a recycled plastic syrup bottle, final dry-flush. It worked for us. Tip---Most plugs are caused by the...
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    Thinking too much about keel forces

    Wouldn't it help to clarify this thread if a simple drawing of the force vectors were posted? Anybody willing? Gudenuph
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    Topping lift

    The most secure method to secure the boom is to lower it into the gallows or removable crutch and tighten the main sheet. Otherwise my preference is to move the traveler to one side with an auxiliary line from the boom to the opposite side, and snug both down against the topping lift. A rig...
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    O'day 26 Anchor Procedure

    You might consider an asymmetrical set up using an ample and well reinforced rail mounted cleat for the following reasons: 1 Ease of installation aft of pulpit stanchion, 2 Avoid chafe at the rail chock due to rode stretch between chock and center line cleat, 3 Reduce tendency to...
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    What is the maximum buffer speed I would ever need to use

    Re: What is the maximum buffer speed I would ever need to us FWIW Support part or all of the tool's weight from a bungee cord on the main or jib halyard, respectively. The longer the bungee cord the better. With internal halyards, hoist a small block with a reeved line aloft so the bitter end...
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    Sail trim book question

    I believe your book is so helpful to so many new and old sailors I standby to help in any way I can, totally gratuitously of course. Geohan
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    Sail trim book question

    Thanks, Geohan
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    Sail trim book question

    Please accept my humble apology for being less than discrete in my post re sail trim. I'm such a computer dummy the forum is the only avenue I could find. Like you mentioned, after-the-fact regrets are bitter and it is ironic that only this morning your book fell open to the last page and on...
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    Sail trim book question

    Mr. Guillette, I very much admire your book “The Sail Trim Users Guide” for it's organization and clarity of presentation. And while I have agonized for some time as to whether or not to post this question, I feel the book deserves every clarification possible. You can see I'm having a...