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    O’day 222 Mast Base Plate

    That’s a Z Spar base, same one my 1988 192 has. Contact US Spars for a replacement. I think you may need to replace the base and the step on the boat because the step for that particular mast extrusion was changed. I can’t remember exactly though.
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    Another Swim Ladder Question

    To get to where the ladder is mounted, you can crawl into the port storage locker. It’s a tight spot so I’d recommend having someone there who can pull you (or a small person) out. Another way to get into there is to remove the port bulkhead in the cabin and crawl in through that way instead of...
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    More propane outboard questions

    Luckily my O’Day 192 has a vented fuel locker that will fit two 4.5lb steel tanks perfectly. I did make the mistake of running out of propane last season because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.
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    Hurricane Isaias <--- TS Isaias <--- PTC 9 <--- Invest 92L

    The surge update is out now for the Great South Bay measured in Lindenhurst at the end of Wellwood Ave. National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary TOTAL TOTAL DEPARTURE DAY/TIME TIDE TIDE FROM NORM WAVES FLOOD FT MLLW FT MHHW FT FT IMPACT -------- --------- --------- ---------...
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    Attaching an outboard to a rudder/tiller

    I’ve been considering something similar on my O’Day 192. I’m thinking a threaded stainless rod with ball joints on each end - one on the outboard and the other on the tiller. I’d like to have one end with a quick release. Definitely interested to see what other people are thinking.
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    The WTF Thread

    I decided to anchor by an island I’ve been to many times before. It was a bit windy but it’s a sandy bottom that I’ve successfully used danforth anchors on many times. Threw the 5lb aluminum danforth anchor out and waited, and waited, and waited but the anchor felt like it was just skipping...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    I’ll have to give that a shot sometime. My teak was natural silvered so I sanded it a bit, used some teak cleaner, and then 2 or 3 coats of teak oil (I think the oil was from Starbrite). The wood really sucked up the teak oil, I’m probably going to put a few more coats on. I’m not against...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    I’m finally in the water and the boats docked at home after a long long day. Launched at at the boatyard 10am and leaking by 10:01am. The thru hull knot meter paddle wheel, that I decided to keep even though it leaked last year, was still leaking. This time it was coming in from the threaded...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    Decided to change up the bottom paint this season with Interlux AquaOne in black, same color as it originally had from O’Day. The Interlux AquaOne was great to work with. It thins with water and cleans up very easily with just water, plus no smell. Sanded with 100 grit and put 2 coats on...
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    bond abs to fiberglass

    To bond ABS to fiberglass you could go with West Systems G Flex.
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    It rained hard today, first rain since I resealed the rub rail, and guess what... DRY BILGE!! It’s the first time since bought the boat that the bilge was dry after rain. I’m in complete shock that it’s finally dry. The one tiny wet spot was from the foam drying out from the last rain before...
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    Wood in the hull deck joint?

    Since the post I’ve figured it out. The hull deck joint has a wood backer inside the hull, that’s then got a layer of glass over it and then the cabin carpet. If you feel the upper edge of your carpet, you’ll feel a flange right where the hull meets the deck. That strip of wood goes all the way...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    That’s the same rubrail I have on my 192. My biggest concern while doing it was cracking the hard vinyl part since it’s so old but luckily it went right back on. I tied it so that it hung just out of the way of the bolts and I had room to work. I just have a few small things to do and hopefully...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    Yup. Decided to remove the rubrail today and see whats going on. Almost all the screws holding the rub rail on and the hull deck joint screws were loose and prime candidates for leaking. I think I ended up resealing about 70 screws in total. Plus the old sealant used between the hull and deck...
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    1988 O’Day 192 Restoration

    In my never ending hunt to track down the leaks, I’ve found another. Here’s a peak I recently discovered that water was getting into the cabin along the hull deck joint, so I went exploring. Behind the starboard fuel locker I could see the end of a wood strip in the hull deck joint. That...