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    The tall tales we tell..

    Mac Speed I have had my Mac Venture 25 (1979) as fast as 65 miles per hour a couple of times...... Well that was behind the truck on Hwy 101 heading to the SF Bay. But as far as on the water.... I think Ihave had mine to 7.5-8.0 knots max. But that is in the bay and I had all sails up and 4...
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    Best less than 40 foot new trailor sailboat

    As I sent earlier, if you email me, I have a really nice 25 foot for sale. Call me or email me and I will be more than happy to tell you what I have. I am not in a hurry, but if it stays on the market too ling, you might miss out. Send me a note. Gregg
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    Best less than 40 foot new trailor sailboat

    I have one for sale Just send me your email address here and I will send you pictures. I would even be willing to deliver if need be. I have a place up there on the North Shore. My boat is a 1979 25' Venture by Macgregor. It is very clean and very well stocked with the latest electronics...
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    You can get those decals from Harken. They give them away at shows, so I bet you could call them and get some mailed to you. I have them on my boat for the family, and guests that should happen aboard my boat. Gregg
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    A Mac By Any Other Name

    I forgot to mention it is also listed on this site for sale.
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    A Mac By Any Other Name

    I have a 1979 Venture by MacGregor. It has a cast iron swing keel, and it tiller steer, It has a galley, with a sink and a cooler that does not move, and it is on the port side, I have 4 windows smoke tinted (I think they are stock), and it is 25 feet. long. I hope this helps.
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    Who Dat!!!

    As a Niners fan, all I can say is 0-2 not the way to make it to the playoffs, but what a fight they put up. Probably the best 0-2 team in the league. Great game.
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    want to see Interior up grades

    Little black mounts I had the same issue on mine, so what I did was to get one, and us it as a model, and I made a new set of four out of the HDPE or seaboard. I started with a square block that is 3/4" think and rounded them off and drilled a hole to fit the support pipes. A little work...
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    PVC Roller Furler

    Check a thread called Hank or Furl. I posted a ton of info on how to build one. I can help whenever needed. I think I am into it for less than 30 buck for the parts.
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    Justice NSR

    Hopefully, someone in prison will off him, and save all of us some tax money. Either that or he will startfeeling like crap and off himself like the Craigslist killer did in Boston last week. Glad to hear that the justice system is not totally broken.
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    Looking for a 260 in Calif

    Mike nice looking boat(s). I hope to have a short search. It is just hard to find a good one out here on the left coast. My dad was in West Palm for about 10 years, and he said they were like flies there. Kind of like the Catalina here. A lot of them here, but I don't want one. They...
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    Looking for a 260 in Calif

    I actually have sailed my Venture 25 in some pretty bad stuff, I have been sailing the Bay since I was about 2 or 3, so I can get out of most stuff. The Mac is really light in fact I was on a scale last year with everything on it, it weighed in at a whopping 2800 lbs. I like the 680 lb keet...
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    Looking for a 260 in Calif

    Hello all!! I am currently a Macgreggor owner, but I am looking to move up to the next level of trailer sailers, and I am really intrugued about the 260. First of all, how is the handling of the boat. THe Mac 25 can be a little tender, and is a little light for heavy winds and swells. I...
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    depth sounder for a V25

    I too have a V25 1979, and I have the same setup. I put mine in the v berth, I bedded it in clear silicon with a peice of dental floss about two feet long. I piled the silicon up and set the puck in it. THe floss was in case it didn;t work, I could pull it back and forth and cut it off. I...
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    D.I.Y. roller furling

    Sum... If you search hank or furl, I posted a complete list and you too can buld one. It really makes a difference. I wouldn't go on the SF Bay w/o it again. I never go to the foredeck to raise or drop sails in heavy seas. Much safer Gregg