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    Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

    Hello all. It has been a long time since I have been on. My son is a hockey player and 2 seasons ago he reached an age level where practice starts in May and the season starts in August so the past few summers have been spent in rinks and Anam Cara has been high and dry. As retirement...
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    Law Enforcement Sailing Association

    Lodi, I am five years out as well with plans to sell the house (in 2 years) and the boat (in 2 years, to make financial room for the retirement cruiser) and head south to spend a few years in the Caribbean. If you are interested in starting a group, I'd be happy to help out on the East Coast...
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    Anyone aware of any US companies, other than JOWI, that make cradles? We recently relocated the boat and the yard we want to take it to requires a cradle. They don't allow home made ones, only manufactured ones that have the backing of engineering. I just want to do some price comparison. Thanks
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    Fuel Tank leak

    It's nice to see that someone realized that the hinge on the door through the bulkhead is better on the side than on the bottom! I'm surprised I haven't snapped the door in half doing work back there!
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    The end of one era, beginning of the next

    Phil, When I came aboard as a new owner of an older boat that needed a lot of attention I found SBO, and it became the most influential source of my learning. Not only about my boats but about what it means to be a part of the sailing community. Any time I had a question about anything SBO...
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    Catalina Yachts group Change- 315 joining the 310

    Welcome aboard C315 owners, especially those in NJ! Feel free to stop in Cape May for a visit!
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    Is it also in the bilge area just aft of the forward berth? Maybe coming in from your anchor locker so check under the forward berth and see if it's coming from that direction. Just a thought. I know you said that it is after each storm but check your fresh water tank connections as well just...
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    Oil Presure Alarm M25XPB

    OK. Not what I was thinking then.
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    Oil Presure Alarm M25XPB

    How many wires are connected to the terminals?
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    Spring Projects?

    1. Find antifreeze leak 2. Change out all halyards 3. Install Wirie 4. Clean everything
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    Ouick Member Query...

    You can consume in NJ but if you are under the influence, you suffer penalties similar to that if you were operating a motor vehicle. Under the influence is 0.08%BAC per se OR any amount if it is determined that alcohol has contributed to the unsafe operation of the vessel. In other words, you...
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    Cape May NJ to Lewis DE

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    Cape May NJ to Lewis DE

    Let me know when you're taking that trip. Will meet you at Cape May and tag along. Traffic can be somewhat heavy but nothing that can't be managed with an attentive watch and a plan. Have done Philly to AC, C&D to AC and vice versa numerous times and have not had any issues at all. The bay...
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    Fastbottoms, avert your eyes!

    Might as well make the best of it!
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    Christmas Greetings

    Same here from the other "Anam Cara". From our crew to yours.....Happy Holidays!