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    I'm using the 3d printed gate from have used it last 3 seasons with good results, occasionally my sail slugs catch on it, but overall I've been very pleased with it.
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    Rain water in cabin

    I find I have to lift my hatch slightly to get it to come over the wash board, then it drops down. I suspect Gene is right on the worn out slides- I rebuilt mine as one of the first projects on my boat.
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    First motor out in the ditch

    I had similar problem, the mounting plate (wood) dragged in the water. As an off-season project a few yrs ago I cut another set of slots and now am satisfied with the depth of my motor/mount.
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    Torqeedo on Cat 22?

    With the type of lake sailing I do, I don't think I would need a spare battery or solar charger. To get the 1103c with battery, charger would therefore cost $2700. My biggest concern is whether this would be enough power to push the catalina 22 into a 15mph headwind, and some comments above make...
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    Torqeedo on Cat 22?

    I believe only the Torqeedo makes a unit with the battery in the outboard itself. The 1003/1103 units are very light and easily removed. The Elco and larger Torqeedo use very heavy batteries, but with more range and power.
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    Torqeedo on Cat 22?

    Chris115, Thanks for the information, really good to hear about real-world experience with the Torqeedo. I rarely use the outboard more than 15min at a time, but once had a similar situation where we lost all wind and had to motor about 30min back to the dock. It is nice to hear that it...
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    Torqeedo on Cat 22?

    Hi all, I'm using a 5hp Honda 4 stroke, mostly reliable. Just wondering though if anyone has powered a Catalina 22 with a Torqeedo, either the 1003c or 1103c models. I sail on a lake, but often have to motor into a 10-15mph headwind on the way out to the body of the lake. The weight of the...
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    Replacing switch panel and battery - question

    I've been using a similar 'game feeder' battery for several years. The only electrical I use is the running lights coming back home in the evenings (I sail on a lake). I can often go a whole season (six months) on a single charge. I have mine mounted down by the 'volcano'. I epoxied a small...
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    Boat Cover Recommendations?

    I had a cover for the cabin area (similar to the one above) made by a local guy who does bimini tops and covers for power boats in the area. It is made out of Sunbrella material. Keeps the teak looking great!
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    "shroud covers"?

    Never heard of the scar pins, just looked them up-- going on my Christmas list!
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    Need some winches

    Another picture:
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    Need some winches

    Here is a pic, my mistake in that they are not located where the winches were- they are further forward. They work great for the jib sheets.
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    Need some winches

    My cabin top winches were for the jib I'm fairly sure- cross sheeting for racing. I'll look tonight to see if I have pics of the block/cleat set up-- they are very handy, mounted on a thick aluminum plate where the winches go.
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    Need some winches

    For what it's worth.... I don't have winches on my 22; the boat had been modified for racing with winches on the cabin top (which I removed), it has blocks w/ cam cleats where winches normally are located. I find I am fine without winches for my leisurely day sailing adventures on the lake.
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    Lower Gudgeon Access

    my first post was going to say she was able to handle the (things that go on the ends of the bolts) but I erased that- I knew it would generate too many comments...