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    Power washing the bilge?

    Yes, in many cases that's exactly what it means. :yikes: If your boat, like mine, would be damaged by the splashing water, steam and mess from using a power washer, you'll need a reasonably aggressive cleaner and a lot of elbow grease.
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    propeller selection, and shifting

    On 1979 my H30C with the Edson binnacle, the gear selector points to port and a "down" movement shifts the gear to forward. It was built that way.
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    Battery power

    A new battery takes less charge, all things being equal, compared to an older battery. That's because the older battery loses charge quicker than the new. Take the older battery to an auto parts store for a "Load" test. I suspect it's shot.
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    propeller selection, and shifting

    What year is your H 30? The lever does go 'down' to engage forward. I think you'll have to get accustomed to that arrangement because, putting a 'left hand' prop on your boat with a right hand turning engine... :yikes: That is, unless you want to go fast in reverse, I'd advise against it.
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    How long has it been since you cleaned your unmentionables?

    I would add to include the drum and top swivel for all of you with roller furling.
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    Seaward Water Heater Again !

    :thumbup: For Isotemp Spa heaters.
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    Newbie here with 1977 Hunter 27

    Ralph has it right. BUT, there may not be a raw water strainer. Hunter didn't install one originally.
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    Varnish Issue

    Sad to suggest... Start over. :banghead: Well, at least on the immediate area of the boo boo :poop:.
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    Battery Selector Switch Setting

    Check the wiring from the bilge pump/float switch to see if there is a direct wire from them to one of the batteries. Most owners wire the pump to operate with a switch (on the panel), and automatically when the water level activates the pump, regardless of battery selector switch position.
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    Hunter 33 Bilge hose setup

    Rabe, You're asking about the plumbing on a 40 +/- year old boat that has had many (?) owners. There is little chance that the hoses you see are original in size or configuration. These kinds of issues are common to new owners of old (and some not so old) used boats. You should look at EVERY...
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    Life Line Stanchion Replacement

    There may be Youtube videos on the subject, but they are buried in more comprehensive "refit" vlogs the likes of "Sail Life". A google search of "Replacing stanchions" might work. Here's one such link:
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    Fuel guage for 1982 Hunter 33

    I look forward to any responses. I need one as well.
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    Fresh toilet water system, can be mixed with saltwater ?

    Unless you're off shore, you cant discharge anything from the head. The salt water will introduce 'critters' into your system (bowl, pipes, valves, holding tank, etc.). They seem to aid in the creation and retention of nasty smells in a boat. If your system doesn't smell, I'd find an additional...
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    Mod to H-34 V-Berth bed

    I trying to envision how Hunter made the insert originally. My 79H30C was made the way you did your mod (sort of, no retaining board for cushion needed). Did they actually make the insert lower than the main cushion deck?