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    Beware of BoatUS Insurance

    As a long time Boat US/Geico customer I am concerned by your report. But to clarify some details, I'd like to know if you had an "Agreed Value" clause in your policy. I have been told that, should my boat be a total loss, the "Agreed" amount would be paid. If that was the situation that you...
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    NW passage

    Hey Will, Haven't you heard, The Moorings is opening a base in Alaska for folks who need a bigger boat! :laugh:
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    size of Hunter v berth cushions

    Oops, my bad. I have target fixation! :facepalm: Well lets see... 24" wide x 2, plus 27" v berth insert =75 inches wide X 76 inches long in a triangle shape. Get a Queen sized topper. :biggrin:
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    size of Hunter v berth cushions

    John, have you decided on thickness? An OP may have changed it from original.
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    size of Hunter v berth cushions

    Hello "Hello" John's 33 is the older, Cherubini version. Not sure your dimensions are the same.
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    size of Hunter v berth cushions

    I just re-foamed all of the cushions on my 79 H30C. I bought 'firm' foam from an American, online foam seller, which was cheaper than Sailrite. The company is Ritchie Foam out of North Carolina, and is online at: "". 704-663-2533 There are sellers...
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    Hunter 27 Cherubini: Things to Look for When buying

    Hi John. Long time since we heard from you. Glad you're back. G.
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    H 30 cockpit portlights.

    Bomar, now sold by Pompanette. Same look, same plastic, sadly.
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    H 30 cockpit portlights.

    One caution... Test your 'tightening' gingerly before you engage the cam. If you over tighten, then lock it down, you could break the plastic at the hinges or at the pin mount or even the lens!
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    Question about replacing one of the Marinco 30A shore power inlets

    Well the 'bonding' material may be a less than permanent sealant like silicone or similar. You might give the seam a nudge with a paint scraper and see if it moves easily. I think Hunter was aware that these fixtures might require replacing, as my 12v panel guard did many years ago.
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    lifehack for budget bluewater boats for a family of 4

    A Youtuber called "Sailing Lady K" put out a video a few weeks ago on your topic and specifically on Alberg Yachts. Google the name and look for the video listings for many used boats.
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    Quick Cruising Poll

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    H26.5 anchor roller?

    I've got an anchor roller available. Send me a PM if you decide to go that way. Looks like this:
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    Cut off instrument mounts on steering pedestal?

    I think I agree with Dalliance. I understand the need to save some bucks, but you're gonna have to live with the result for a long time. So save the aggravation and cost of a re-do later. Save up and do it primo the first time.
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    Leaking keel on a Hunter 31

    My 1979 H30C came with a lead keel. I think all the early Hunters did.