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    IS my 1990 Beneteau s 41S5 alternator working??

    Thanks!, I have 2 115 Amp hour new Full River sealed batterys -always linked together. The charger is only a 10amp one. Reason I suspect alternator is that turning charger on jumps voltage up fast -yet turning engine on doesnt jump gage up. Internally regulated. Engine has 3100 hours runs...
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    IS my 1990 Beneteau s 41S5 alternator working??

    I suspect that my 1990 Beneteau 41S5 with a Perkins Prima 50 engine might not be working. How can I tell? I waited untill the bateries were a little low at 12.1 volts per the gage on the main switchboard. Then I started the engine and reved to 2000b rpm. gage was still at 12.1 volts. However...
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    Oceanis 37: leaking Volvo Stern Gland shaft seal when engine is running

    Mine has probably the same hours as the engine----3200hours--Im pretty sure the very lazy 2 prior owners (both lawyers) never changed it--Volvo says to change it every 500 hours!! What fun!! So mine should have been changed 6 times!!!! POS POS. I have an idea to try as I cant get to a...
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    Oceanis 37: leaking Volvo Stern Gland shaft seal when engine is running

    You say "leak free" - yet the person who sarted this thred and me have leaks!!! Wonder how many boats have sunk using this POS???
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    Teak seats and trim.

    There are lots of foam teak looking products that just glue down on FG. Dont buy a China made one- get the one thats made on east coast Florida ,they are only brand that lasts.
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    Beneteau 41S5 1990 doing restoration

    Beneteau 41S5 1990 doing restoration
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    thru hole replacement

    Better replace all with Forespar Marelon. Most of Benny s have cheap Italian made thru hulls and attached valves which corrode easily in salt water as they are made of many different metals and freeze and handles will snap off if you try to use them. Im going to spend $2000 to go to a yard...
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    Propane Locker on Beneteay 41S

    In checking out the safety of the propane set up on my 1990 Beneteau 41S5 I find its just really stupid and unsafe as built!!,,,,,,, Boat is loaded wit stupid plumbing! Anyway the drain in the botton of the propane locker was installed with a loop in the drain hose!! This makes it a "P trap"...
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    Oceanis 37: leaking Volvo Stern Gland shaft seal when engine is running

    These Volvo shaft log non-seals are just stupid!!
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    Need Help Tampa Bay area with Perkins Prima 50 engine

    It is in my Beneteau 41S5 docked at a house in Clearwater Beach. Want to change timing belt , and injectors and generally make it coool. George 813/391-0470
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    First 41s5 manual windlass

    I gave the manual windlass away and installed a Lewmar electric 1000 with 20ft 5/16 chain and 200ft 8plait rode rope. COntrol at wheel and anywhere but especally on bow a remoter . Also a Aluminum anchor on bow roller. Slick system now.
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    Looking for dinghy suggestions.

    I have a 1990 B41S5. I also have a Zodiac Wave 10'2" dinghy. (from a prior boat) Its too big for the stern and deck. I dont want davits and looking for a smaller dinghy that can be on deck or tied to stern pulpit . SUggestions please. Thanks.
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    Diagnosing a problem with the shower pump

    I had same problem on my B41S5 . The diaphram pump ran but no pumpy. Finally discovered that prior owner cleaned the pumpguard but didnt relpace the rubber gasket --letting air into the suction line.
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    Does teleflex control cables fit Volvo-Penta control??

    I have a beneteau 41S5 1990 . It has a Perkins Prima50 M50 engine with volvo control. I want to replace the dhift cable . Could teleflex cable replace the volvo one? Thanks.