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    A tree fell on my Mac.

    Look what I just found in PA... That looks like a straight mast to me. 1998 mcgrogor sail or motor
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    Small Sailboat Trailer Rental Advice Please

    I would put out the word that you'd need to borrow or rent a trailer on these or other sailing forums, I would think someone would be glad to lend a hand to another sailor in need. Even if they have to put their boat in the water to let you use their trailer. While it's still boating season...
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    A tree fell on my Mac.

    A tree falling on my boat is how I ended up with it. It had sat out of water for 6 years. The limb that fell broke the mast and twisted & ripped out the bow railing and did very little fiberglass damage where the railing bolts ripped through. Either the original owner or the guy I bought it from...
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    Using a trolling motor on small boat

    I looked up the difference, it seems like it is the paint for the most part and a zinc prop nut that you should be able to order. Guys are using regular trollers in brackish & salt water. I would beef up the paint, grease cover the prop nut & shaft once in a while & fresh water Rinse it after...
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    Using a trolling motor on small boat

    Philly2DC2LBI, I don't know what the difference is between the saltwater & fresh water motors, like if it's just the paint? If it was just the paint you could paint it yourself with some Rustoleum or the like. You would want to put the battery by the transom, the trolling motors don't like long...
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    Using a trolling motor on small boat

    I think a trolling motor will work well if you aren't in big wind or strong currents. I use a cheap Walmart marine battery, I have two of them with my solar set up but I'm sure I could get by one battery for joyriding with the trolling motor. "All day" is with long times at anchor or just...
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    Using a trolling motor on small boat

    I use an older 12-volt Minnkota 48LB thrust trolling motor on my Macgregor 26S for electric-only lakes. It pushes me at three knots in light wind. I've used it the whole day (without sailing) at times with six people on board.
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    I used a Dremel to ugly up/engrave my last name, state & phone number on three sides of my two Tohatsus', I also markered up the inside too with the same info. You are not going to see it from far away but anyone within 10' feet will see it and hopefully disinterest would-be thieves. Sorry to...
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    Imagine my surprise

    The biggest difference for me was that the 26 has the large aft berth queen size bed instead of having to reconfigure the dinette in the 25' & smaller boats for sleeping. We're a family of five with older teens and we all fit when we camp out on the water. The lazarette is a huge plus too.
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    26 classic tow vehicle

    The car company's bean counters make them bake a lot of cushion into the towing limits on cars. My old 2006 Liberty Turbo Diesel had a tow limit of 5000 here in the USA, but in the EU it was 7400... "...speaking of factory limits, here is something I think you folks will find interesting. Click...
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    Swing keel vs Dagger ?

    I got lucky in finding the 26S I have today (because I was looking for cheap $700-1000) and I'm most happy about it being a swing centerboard because I take it to several small lakes, some with some stumps in shallows. I've hit stumps on my Sunfish with my daggerboard and believe me that is not...
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    The Boat Exploded and Then I Died

    I have a 1971 Ven 222 that a previous owner obviously did the same and kept their tank down the same hatch, there is a small tank vent on the starboard side of the hull, some old gas line and a hole into the motor well for the gas line. That whole area under the cockpit storage is open to the...
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    Launching / Retrieving a Catalina 22 with a Prius....?

    I'd try it, given what I see here and if your ramp situation is like this.
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    Mac 26classic LAZARETTE...set up and access

    I have my 15-gallon freshwater tank down there with the pump, I keep all the life vests in there when not in use. My Tohatsu gas tank is small enough to keep out on the cockpit floor, it's not in my way and I'd like to keep an eye on it vs it staying hidden in a closed-off compartment like the laz.
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    Defibrillation on the Yacht?

    My emergency kit includes a very handy intensive care registered nurse who is certified in basic life support, CPR & such. The unfortunate thing is she doesn't always go with me on the boat... As others have noted above, she too has told me that survival after the need for and an attempt of...