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    Can you identify this?

    NOooo your batteries will not support a water heater. The device you already have (using heat from the engine) should work really well, so if I were you, I would repair it and live having to start and run your engine for about five minutes to get hot water. One way or the other you need a...
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    why not put together oar locks on a narrow beam boat, or a sculling station aft, and us oars once in awhile to keep the up some boat speed (forward movement)/.
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    Drascombe yawls.

    NOLS was started by Paul Petzoldt who was the chief climbing instructor at Colorado Outward Bound. He needed instructors for OB, so he started the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, Wyoming in 1965.
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    Drascombe yawls.

    I was one of the first NOLS instuctors in Baja. Tap Tapley was running the program, entirely using folboats. I brought my brother's West Wight Potter down to Bajia de Los Angeles (over the unpaved roads in those days). Due to various breakdowns, I missed the roundezvous with the course, so I...