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    Replacement Fresh Water Pump

    I've replaced many fresh water pumps on many Catalinas. Pretty straight forward. I would recommend finding a pump without an intergrated filter - I would recommend putting in an in-line filter (easier to clean). I still have the original water pump on my 2000 Catalina 34 Mk II and cleaning...
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    Winterizing bilge on my H37

    That's what I'd do. Depending on how much water you expect to get in the bilge over the winter, you might consider going with the green AF (-100C) - since as more water comes in, the AF will become more and more diluted (and more likely to freeze).
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    What make/size of Anchor for 2005 Hunter 33?

    Hi - I am doing some work for a client with a 2005 Hunter 33. When they bought the boat, the PO gave them an anchor which was way too big for the anchor roller - the tip of the anchor was hitting the hull. The length of the roller on the '05 33 is pretty short. Does anyone have a line on an...
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    Accessing the raw water pump?

    I'm working on a friend's 1971 C&C 35 Mk 1. The boat has an atomic 4 engine. The water pump is on the back of the engine with no decent access. It looks like you can access the back of the engine via the starboard cockpit locker - but it appears one of the PO's may have installed a DYI...
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    Fixing a ding in a lead keel

    A friend put a ding on the leading edge of the lead keel on his C&C 35 (grounding). I'm helping him with the repair...I think some heat (propane plumbing torch) and a ball pine hammer should be able to roughly reshape the ding (wearing proper PPE of course) and then fairing with an epoxy-based...
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    Spider prevention?

    I use a product called Bug-Tek. Its a marine product which is safe on your hands and the boat. Some products in your local hardware store are harmful. I spray the inside of my dodger and bimini; coiled halyards; mooring lines; etc (anywhere spiders can hide) before I leave the boat each time...
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    Hi Scotty - I am aware of electric winches but am concerned with the amount of draw on the battery if I get one big enough to pull in my Genny. Ultimately, I am hoping my wife gets more comfortable on the wheel in big seas...that is the cheapest solution of all.
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    believe me - having her take the wheel is my preference - she just doesn't want to. so what I have been doing is using my autohelm's autotack feature and grinding the winch myself (basically single-handing) - not my preference. I've already got a 48 winch on and a good 10' double handed winch...
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    Stu - thanks. My neighbour at my club has a Tartan 3400 with a self-tacking jib inside the Genny, but as you say, the clew is short of the mast so not a lot of sail area. My first choice would be to have her take the wheel but she is not yet confortable on the wheel in heavy weather. I have...
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    What about having the furling Genoa on the forestay with an inner stay with a smaller self-tacking jib? I was wondering about adding the inner stay and self tacking jib on my 34 Mk II. My reason being my wife has trouble cranking the Genny in when close hauled and more than 10 knots of...
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    Holding Tank Troubles

    Peggy - thanks again. I am quite sure its a blocked vent. I will take your advice and look at installing a new thru-hull. in the mean time, I will look at clearing the vent (I was not aware it was vented in the stanchion, but I just looked it up in my manual - shows me which stanchion but...
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    Holding Tank Troubles

    Peggy (and all) - thanks for the detailed explanations. I think it may be a blocked vent with pressure building up...seems consistent with my problem.
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    Lightning Protection

    many thanks Stu - I will down load the manual and have a look.
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    Holding Tank Troubles

    Thanks to you all for the good advice.
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    Holding Tank Troubles

    Thanks Jesse.