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    First Boat Recommendations (aka - Can-o-Worms post)

    Since you do "rent" or charter boats... I would think your best way to chose what is right for you is to go out and charter those boats on your list and see how they feel. Personally, based on your list... I would steer you toward the Catalina 42 or the Beneteau First. I was once a...
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    CNG tank fill or exchange... PNW... Anacortes, Port Townsend???

    To follow up on this, I found a ready supplier of CNG in the PNW... but it is anything but convenient. It is a welding gas company out in Ellensburg. I have arranged to pick up a tank in spring. That seems to be the most economical solution for me, in the PNW, at the time.
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    Manual Bilge Pump Needed

    Mine is mounted this way too... biggest hassle I have found is that the cover flap is easily snapped off by curious (ape handed) crew... and the only way to install a new one is take all 4 screws out and replace the whole flap/plate... easy if you can get to the back of the pump and the nuts...
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    New boat issues

    I'm a hands on guy... you're damn right I looked under the hood before we left the lot. I also asked a lot of questions about the key fob, the GPS chip and the alarm. (i'll admit I didn't get a rag and actually "check" the oil... I just pulled the dipstick... so I knew where it was). We...
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    New boat issues

    I check the motor oil after every oil change... you never know when someone gets a bad phone call... also a buddy of mine once drove his car about 5 miles after an oil change... only to discover/realize that the plug had never been put back in (or had not been tightened)... the trail of oil...
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    Three Carrier Ships Together

    Oh crap, do we have to do a full virus scan of the computers and network because of that fake stuff???
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    Insignificant wiring problem?

    I just want to know if his wife found the car keys...
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    Can You Deploy your swim ladder from the water ?

    Yup, mine is easily reachable and with a bit of effort, I can fold it down... But I went one better, and tied a line to a couple of rungs to make them even easier to grab. I think I could also climb aboard by hauling myself up on the bowsprit and the stays associated with it. What is...
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    What is your backup GPS solution?

    Bingo! I have my phone GPS and charts installed on it as backup to my Garmin... and yes, it works fine out of a service area. But perhaps the bigger question is what if the GPS system fails, or is somehow rendered inert by a solar flare? Paper charts and a compass and good old DR...
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    New boat issues

    Or someone just messed up... When I had my rigging replaced a few years ago, I went through the all the deck level connections... and found... yup, one cotterpin not properly bent over. I contacted the yard and asked that they send a man aloft and do a full inspection of the work they...
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    Is he talking about us???

    Not if the seaman in question is a SEAL, and he wants to practice the U/W lockout procedure... "Hey Chief, I wanna go for a swim..." takes on a whole new meaning. GRIN
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    Special Anchorage

    Perhaps the confusion on my part (and on the part of other sailors) has to do with anchorages with designated mooring balls, vice an area where one may anchor, but no such mooring equipment exists. As an example consider the various Marine State Parks in Puget Sound (with mooring balls) verses...
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    Special Anchorage

    Whether in a designated anchorage or not, I tend to use solar powered lights at the lifeline to ensure that the boat is seen... not enough folks think to look up when approaching anything that could be an anchorage.
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    Boat graveyard...

    It seems abandoned boats are a too often thing in the PNW... "Since 2003, the state has removed 105 abandoned vessels in Snohomish County alone, and more than 800 statewide..." " The DNR program’s two-year...
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    Aluminium or Fiberglass HULL good and bad of both??

    Hmmm, that got me to thinking that since it is the metals that are generally the issue when looking at problems with an FRP boat... perhaps the solution is to avoid thru hulls, go engineless, and use externally mounted gudgeons for the rudder... by doing so, one eliminates all the potential...