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    impeller specification Farymann A 30

    Need to restore the water pump and as this boat has been idle for one of more years, I'd like to get to this. Need some input on this if you have some. Thanks, Don
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    anyone know where I can get an owners manual for a 2-27 cal

    Just bought a 76 Cal-Jensen 2-27 and the manual is now in my hands. Is this one that you want? I can probably find a way to get it copied if you do. Love to trade ideas on rigging my boat, as it has virtually no running rigging that I can use. Need ideas. Thanks, DT
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    Cal Owners Group, active Group

    John it is a real help. They appear to be well qualified to create the missing parts. Really appreciated. DT
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    Coronado 25

    Have owned and sailed a 1968 Coronado 25 for ten years, outboard Johnson 9.9. How can I help?
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    Cal Owners Group, active Group

    Hi everyone. Just bought a 76 2-27. Need spreaders or spreader dimensions, something to help fabricate new ones if needed. Anybody have hardware vendors that can help with old boats?