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    1972 Bristol 26 Keel

    No Bristols have concrete as ballast.
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    Reliance 44 Hull #1

    It was sold in an auction several years ago. I don't know who the owners are now. I had heard it was in the Vancouver, BC area. The name of the boat was Southern Cross.
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    Reliance 44 Hull #1

    Here are some photos of her interior details:
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    Reliance 44 Hull #1

    My brother owned hull number 1 for several years. She was factory finished in teak--absolutely beautiful. She was a wonderful sailing boat. She did have some core saturation in the cabintop--mostly from the traveller bridge mounting bolts. David Maitland, FL
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    Looking at Bristol 29 1970

    Re: Bristol 29 Point of fact: all Bristol Yachts were built with cored decks and cabintops, the core material was always end grain balsa. No Bristol ever had solid glass decks. I would definitely get a survey before purchasing. Good luck,