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    H 31 battery location

    my 1986 H31 has the batteries located behind the engine on a board over the transmission. is this the correct location? there is what looks to me like a better spot in the access area under the starboard seat. I don't see any reference in the manual. it is not easy to get at or replace batteries...
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    H31 main sheet

    I was thinking 100 ft roll would do. I think it is 4 loops from the traveler to the boom then up to the mast and back to the cockpit. i like doing good core in core eyes in my lines. pride and looks plus strength.
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    H31 main sheet

    I enjoy splicing my own lines, and it would give me something to 2hile I recover.
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    H31 main sheet

    does anyone off hand know the length of the main sheet on a 1986 H31. I need to replace mine,but until I get out of this hospital bed I can't get out there to measure. in rehab all I can do is spend all my money ordering parts. when my back heals it will be back on the water to install everything.
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    1988 Hunter 33.5 Mast Compression Post

    I used a hydraulic ram to remove the tension, and only removed the teak that was screwed on. You can then see the ends for inspection. My post was fine, but I needed the room for mast wires.
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    Hunter 31 Masthead Sheaves

    Two screws hold the cap and the sheaves and shaft lift out. NG1 Masthead Assembly There are 4 up there so you can probably use one of the spares.
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    I ended up sanding the last few layers off. I found some hull damage that had been painted over years ago. I will do some fiberglass repair today and hopefully barrier coat tomorrow. The blaster guy had already gone, so I missed that opportunity.
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    These work good, but the velcro gives out quickly.
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    Soda dissolves in water so it should be no more messy than sanding
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    I had not thought of soda blasting. I will take my blaster up there and give it a try. Thanks
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    I tried Aqua Strip two coats, then one coat of Total Boat. It is difficult to put on as thick as they recommend. I am also an hour and a half from the boat so a 4 hour wait is impossible. It is either 18 hours or just 2. I am going to use one more coat of Total boat when the boat is moved...
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    Stripping, How deep to go

    I am repainting my 1986 Hunter 31. The first few coats came off without too much trouble using a chemical stripper. I am now getting a thick blue layer that only softens a bit and is very difficult to scrape off. I am wondering if I have gotten into the epoxy barrier coat. I don't have the...
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    Furler line location

    I am adding a jib furler to my Hunter 31 (1986). I am debating the best location for the furling line. If I run it under the cowling with the other lines to the cockpit, it would have to pass over the cabin and seems it would rub in addition to being under foot. If I run it along the toe rail...
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    1986 H31 prop shaft specs
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    Genoa size

    I am looking at replacing the jib on my Hunter 31. I am looking for advice on the size genoa to get. Do any of you have experience or know of performance differences in a 135% versus a 150%? I would like to get the most performance without too much effect on the helm. We are only cruisers...