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    Catalina 30 Holding tank

    My copy arrived in the mail yesterday! A very complete book on the subject! :)
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    Moorage Madness

    I am also in a member-owned all volunteer-labor yacht club. Rather than erosion we have sand accumulation after each spring high water season in the Columbia River. We own our own dredge and operate it two months a year -- with an all volunteer crew. There are work hour requirements for all...
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    Universal M25 Fuel Injector Removal

    That model Universal was installed in a herd of Catalina boats, and the Catalina 34 site has a herd of helpful articles about the care-n-feeding thereof. Give it a look.
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    Help! Engine won’t start :(

    Nice place to sail! (one of the moderators on the Ericson owners web site lives near there and used to sail an E-25+). Presume that you have a shaft drive and a single cylinder diesel engine. Simple little engines, but there are basics to check on. Since it turns over, I would look at the fuel...
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    Diesel Re-Plumb

    Stu and Leslie.... good advice gained from years of experience.... The veritable "Dynamic Duo" !! :)
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    Diesel Re-Plumb

    I have owned a diesel boat since 1994, and helped friends with their engine questions. I have *never* heard of a need for a check valve on a fuel return line. However, that does not mean that someone else is not happy with having one! :) As for the flow.... we have a quarter-turn valve right at...
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    1982 Lancer 25 - quote wanted

    I would "appeal" directly to the director of the agency and then to your state's Ombudsman. Of course all of this presumes that the OP really has a proper-appearing bill of sale. (I once bought a sailboat in Canada and, with the bill of sale and the purchase survey, created a new Oregon title. A...
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    Starting a new C&C Landfall 42 Thread/Forum

    Nice boat! Your pix are great. Add more to you album here anytime you want! :) (Cannot help you regarding that particular model, but a friend at our YC bought a C&C Landfall 35 last year, and it has a nice cruising layout.) We visited Genoa Bay a few years ago, and really liked the marina and...
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    1982 Lancer 25 - quote wanted

    What state? And there *must* be an appeal process if some DMV employee will not "honor" a proper bill of sale. Do you have a pre-purchase survey with a value specified on it? (a valuation is not always part of a survey, but would be helpful.) Back to square one: unless there is something sketchy...
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    Fuel gauge is a poor guess

    Reading of all the 'real world' problems with measuring fuel in a sailboat, gets me to pondering why we all, collectively, put up with this. It's sort of like a revisit to those little analog oven clocks in 1950's and 1960's households.... that mostly all stopped working within the first...
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    New sails coming - best of both worlds?

    Do you use a local or "national brand" sailmaker??
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    Fuel gauge is a poor guess

    When cruising we always hedge our bets by keeping two full 'jerry cans' lashed to the lifelines by the fill fuel on the side deck. No spreadsheet, altho that certainly sounds like a Good Idea. I had occasion to pump out our boat's ten year old tank a couple months ago -- tracking down a pinhole...
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    Gary Jobson autograph

    Way Cool. :) Keep it out of direct sunlight wherever it is displayed.
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    Hunter 28.5 powered by Yanmar 2GM20F

    It might just be the angle of view, but the stuffing box hose sure looks like it sags down a bit. I once had that happen on a boat when, over the years, the rubber in the mounts degraded and collapsed somewhat. I caught the problem just as the shaft was an eighth inch from rubbing on the bottom...
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    Arch enemy?

    Aesthetics are indeed a separate issue. My objection is only to putting the mainsheet system in an inconvenient place for actual sailing. While it could be argued that the arch mounting moves it back, a good thing, the traveler system is compromised and a new "problem" is created where the arch...