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    How can I keep it hard longer?

    We finally decided to junk our great old Zodiac after about 20 years due to near-undetectable seam leaks. dealer said that there was a way to put a liquid sealant inside and slowly rotate the inflated boat for a number of hours to allow the thin sealant to be drawn into the tiny leaking areas...
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    Diesel - All Seems Fine, But ...

    Yup. I would also start with some basics. Are your tach and speedometer providing correct info? Hull clean (as normal)? Prop and shaft not fouled? When running, is there any air or dirt visible in the bowl of the filter? Does the throttle cable actuate the lever on the fuel feed on the engine...
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    Good for Standard Horizon

    That "cradle" is pretty nifty. Perhaps you could have our local (brick n mortar) dealer send you one? It might not hurt to give them a call, anyway....
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    Good for Standard Horizon

    Appreciating my 'wireless' remote for our Simrad VHF more and more. :) I know a number of sailors with broken cords on their wired remotes. Or, perhaps theirs were mounted in more vulnerable parts of the cockpit -- admittedly it is very difficult to feed new cabling up those SS guard rails...
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    Trading No kaboom for BIG KABOOM!!! Converting stove from CNG to LPG.

    Given some of the info about very high CNG tank filling/certifying costs, perhaps you should change to a new LPG galley range. I see that Force Ten and Eno are nowadays sold by West Marine. If you have a friend with a Port Supply account, give him a call....... :)
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    Cleaning off old 5200

    Thanks Dave !
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    Sailboat Shipping Costs

    Interesting to read about! We have already canceled our 2020 cruising plans (complete with reservations for marinas in BC) and are spending the summer doing upgrades and work on our boat. Social Distancing but with lots of sanding dust.... If the OP does find a way to move his boat, hopefully...
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    bilge pump hose q's

    Agree with the advice to avoid (cast) plastic thru hulls, especially where they may face UV. Use composite fittings (Marlon) or SS.
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    Cleaning off old 5200

    I am removing my deck fittings for a repaint. Before putting some parts back and re-bedding with newer less-obnoxious sealant, there are some major metal fittings and fastenings I would really like to clean up for re-use. Some strong solvents, like acetone or lacquer thinner seem to soften it...
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    refinishing cabin foor boards

    We mostly restored a badly stained and moldy T&H (ply) cabin sole. First took the sections to a furniture dipping company to clean them up. Then a light sanding and multiple coats of varnish. For smaller projects we rely on TeKa "A and B" cleaner and neutralizer. Of course, YMMV, so be...
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    Excessive wiring

    Given that higher end boat builders were using Ancor wire by the late 80's, three decades is probably a good sign post for checking old stock wire runs. The often larger problem is poor mods by prior owners. As for poppycock, well, consider that we are all just stating opinions. If this is your...
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    Don't Be This Guy

    Looks a warning about 'stray current' as well. Yikes!
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    Excessive wiring

    If your boat is over XX years old, any 'old wiring' is likely way past being safe. Old insulation will crack and peel, and there may be old crappy splices hidden here and there. Some years ago, friends of ours rebuilt an old Islander 32, that had been thru multiple owners. They started over to...
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    Cabin upgrade 23.5 Hunter

    Perhaps have a friend turn a hose nozzle on your boat while it's closed up and you wander around the inside with a flashlight and look for moisture? :cool:
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    Cabin upgrade 23.5 Hunter

    Normal to worry, some, about deck leaks. Still Better to re-bed your stanchions, cleats, and deck stuff... and stop worrying. :cool: