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    Hunter 170 mast length

    That is the drawing for the boom from the Hunter 170
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    H170 Boom end cap

    Mine has a rubber strip that goes around the sharp edge at the aft end. The one pictured with the tang is for the mast end. $13 for a rubber strip? Seems a trip to the hardware store or auto parts store would find channeled rubber stripping that would cover the sharp edge for a lot cheaper...
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    Hunter 140 purchase advice

    I might be wrong, and I'm sure others may offer their advice, but that's kinda the approach I took to my 170. I too was concerned about the cracking issues but I really liked the design of the boat. I found a 2003 with only a single 4 inch long surface crack on the floor which looks more like...
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    Mast float for my Hunter 170

    I always wear my life jacket when sailing. Actually for this tip over, things went fairly well. I had my wallet, keys, and cell phone in a dry bag in the mesh net near the mast, and my cooler under the tarped bow area. Even in the knockover and righting, my hat never came off! Only thing I...
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    Mast float for my Hunter 170

    I don't have a mast float, but my mast is noodled and sealed. Yesterday I got to experience just how valuable that modification is. I got caught singlehanding in some 20 knot gusts as a front moved in, and when I tried to furl in my jib, the upper portion of the jib didn't twist on correctly...
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    Trolling motor for 17 foot Hunter?

    Plenty of threads on this topic, but I've had the same experience. I sail on a small, narrow lake that has high bluffs all around, so sailing to and from the dock can be difficult as the wind changes direction and changes in intensity. I decided to get a motor right away, and purchased a...
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    Motor mount for 170

    Geez, I hope it doesn't come to that; I just want a motor mount so I can get out there! I'm going to call Hunter Monday morning and see if I can get anywhere with this before too long.
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    Motor mount for 170

    Well, I've been able to enjoy my new-to-me '03 170 for a number of weeks now, and I've worked my way through the rigging/reefing learning curve, but I'm stuck now without a motor. A mounted motor to be exact. I bought a lightly used Honda 2HP 4-stroke about 3 days after I bought the boat, and...
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    Rigging help

    I believe I have everything there. I have the block and cleat on the boom, two green 1/4" lines, and two very short white 1/4" lines. I understand on the aft part of the boom to tie off one of the green lines on the port bale, up through the reefing clew, down through the block to the cleat on...
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    Rigging help

    Need a little help with the rigging. Just bought a used 170 from a dealer that wasn't a sailboat dealer that took it in on trade. They couldn't help me with the rigging at all. Can anyone post a pic of the mainsail reefing? I've found the two green sheets, but they were in the storage...