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    Upgraded Yamaha 37

    DONE!, thanks.
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    Upgraded Yamaha 37

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    1993-2000 39' to 46' boats in CA

    Any owners or brokers with a 1993 to 2000 vintage boat looking to sell in California? Please contact me through the Forum or at 760-560-6903. I am in the market for a 39' to 46' Beneteau Oceanis preferably. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Ed Serra
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    YSM 8 Troubles

    Yanmar Dealer in San Diego Hello to all fellow boaters: If your boat is in Arizona, you may contact Packwest in Shelter Island, San Diego for complete support. I had them rebuild my Yanmar engine on my Yamaha 33, Scheherezade, and this year we pulled out and had them rebuild the Yanmar...
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    Yamaha Sailboats Dot Org Website

    Thanks Bob for getting back on the air Bob is a very valuable resource for all of us Yamaha owners, besides being a really great Hope to see you again this year. All the best, Ed Serra Sarah V Yamaha 37
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    replacing bottom rudder pindle on Yamaha 33

    Replacing rudder lower bracket Hello: I have owned our Yamaha 37 for over 2 years. When we purchased it, due to a badly connected zinc, the lower bracket had some electrolysis damage. The boat marshalled out the boat, took down the rudder and fabricated a new bracket. Don't think this is a...
  7. IMG00224 20120201 1936

    IMG00224 20120201 1936

  8. IMG00225 20120201 1936

    IMG00225 20120201 1936

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    IMG00230 20120225 1128

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    Y 37 aft cabin

    I have a Y37 Ahoy: I have a 1985 Y37 set up with a cruising interior. The aft berth does not have a sink, it has a wide open berth which is less claustrophobic. Take a look at the photo album, and let me know if you'd like any specific details photographed, i can email you these. My...
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    Looking at a 36

    Bob is right. The difficult parts are the Yamaha proprietary parts. I also have a 37 and have replaced/upgraded many parts. I just had the Yanmar transmission rebuilt and bought a jib from a local sail loft. The rigging info is available online. I have owned two 25's, a 33 and now this 37 and...
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    Draw Latches

    I contacted Yamaha America yesterday. They passed me around to a helpful lady who informed me that on their computer A0062840093 shows Discontinued. However, A00628300093 and A00628405000 can be ordered. As Bob said, they need to have a Yamaha Dealer place the order as they do not sell...
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    Draw Latches

    That's what I am talking about. They have the replacements for all your latches, anchor and gas bottle lockers, small deck hatch aft of the mast and possibly, cockpit locker hinges. If you check before and after the item highlighted, you will see these. If we get a big order together, it...
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    Draw Latches

    Hardware on Sarah V Thank you for the link Bob. These are the pieces I need as well as the short and long leaf hinges. I spent some time looking at the site but could not find hinges. Please keep me posted. Regards, Ed Serra Sarah V Yamaha 37
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    Draw Latches

    Hello Jnovie: Bob has photos I sent him of the latches on my 37, maybe you can tell from these photos if they are the same. I think my old 25 used the same. Regards, Ed Serra Sarah V Yamaha 37