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    Osprey/Eagle confrontation delays game

    Who picked the eagle as our national bird? The osprey does the work and the eagle comes along as the osprey is taking his dinner home. Reminds me of taxation.
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    H260 keel damage

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    H260 keel damage

    I put a nice ding in the leading edge / bottom of my keel. What material should I use to make the repair?
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    Trailering woes

    I had trouble also until I modified my trailer.
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    Asymmetric Deployment with Sock

    you can jibe No need to deploy the sock with each boat or wind direction change. By running you asymmetrical sheets out in front of your jib roller furler you can change direction by a jibe. You certainly could run the sock control lines to the cockpit. But I only use this sail with a...
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