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    Leak from 3YM30 and other issues. :(

    Could be it Jim. I have some 50/50 Prestone in the garage. I put some in a zip lock with a piece of paper towel to match the one that I brought home. I think they are the same. Just can't see how the drips form on bottom of crank pulley. But that is the pump directly above. I have the...
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    New Sail Sticker Shock

    Lee Sails probably has my H37C yankee dimensions from fifteen years ago. Still a good sail. My Spirit 23 bimini cost me $150. from Amazon. I bought the oversize model then cut it down to size, Modifying the frame was easy. I have a split backstay so I had to cut a couple of slots and sew in a...
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    Leak from 3YM30 and other issues. :(

    Doesn't taste or smell like diesel thankfully. Thought about the pump but it would be more watery, less viscous I think. Have a sample in a zip lock but not sure how to test it.
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    Refit -Running gear

    Me too. Seems like yesterday but it was in 2005! Now things are falling apart.
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    Leak from 3YM30 and other issues. :(

    Sorry about the rotated picture. It is good in my picture folder. Don't see a way to fix it here.
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    Leak from 3YM30 and other issues. :(

    After motoring to the pumpout and then under the crane I discovered a lot of fluid in the engine pan under my 3YM30. I cleaned it up then watched to see a slow drip form on the bottom of the pulley on the end of the crankshaft. Uh oh, a bad main seal I thought. But it doesn't look like oil...
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    Rudder post

    Maybe a new thread. Hunter had the option in '84 and '85 and used the boom. Loose-footed would have to be the case with or without the boom. I think it would be very hard to trim without the boom.
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    1980 Hunter 25 - Replacing the Cabin Sole/Floor

    H25 owners will know better but it appears that your sole is similar to my H37C. That it is structural, part of the inner hull. My boat came with a plywood covering, marine plywood with a teak and holly veneer. I have seen pictures where an owner has removed it. I have removed some of mine...
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    The end of one era, beginning of the next

    In 1998 I was researching cutters and found you and Bly. I bought my 1979 Hunter 37-Cutter and already it has been 19 years. I still call it HOW and besides my mail it is the only site always open on this old laptop. That old Hunter along with you, Bly, and me have had quite a journey. All...
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    1980 37C mast wiring

    The wires won't pull. They are tied in the channel to relieve the strain from the weight of the wires.
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    Rudder post

    Somewhat related is a modification that I did when I removed those deflectors at the stern around the rudder. I shaped a piece of 2 x 6, about 18" long to fit that void where those deflectors were screwed on. Both to strengthen that area and to insure I would never leak there even though the...
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    Rudder post

    Jim is right. I had my rudder rebuilt in Oriental after a couple of groundings in the ICW bent the rudder stock. The rudder stock was solid, unpitted with no signs of stress. It was rebuilt after straightening. If you tear out the back your bilge pump is not going to keep up.
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    H37C Cockpit Drains frequently clogging

    Good ideas above. Remove the slotted piece then modify one of those downspout screens. They are aluminum and easy to shape. I've been fortunate not to be close to any trees.
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    Hunter 37C Database - HELP NEEDED!

    Jim, I can't find the "differences" document. Should it be in "Downloads"?
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    Hunter 37C Database - HELP NEEDED!

    Thanks Jim. Me too, started in 1998 when I saw one in Huron, Ohio and liked the cutter rigging. Came here to HOW and began the research. Saw the fascination with the Cherubini design and asked Phil if we could have our own HOW segment. It's been fun owning the H37C and all of us sharing...