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    Topping lift set up

    use a pulley and a cleat on the boom. should be able to adjust so sail holds up boom when sailing and out of the way when docked
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    Topping lift set up

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    New outboard advice

    a 6 hp tohatsu with extra long shaft at about 60 lbs will easily push a 26 to hull speed
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    mainsail from catalina direct reviews?

    Having owned 9 boats and reached age 82 and still sailing, there are no replacements for a good local sailmaker who will come to your boat and measure everything. Yes it will cost about $300 more than buying on line but its worth it in the long run. Sails will fit better, sail faster, and...
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    outboard motor

    " 25 inch shaft
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    outboard motor

    and an extra long shaft. 25:
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    Dock Tying Alternatives

    that only works if the dock is floating and rises and falls with tides. on fixed docks you'll RIP out your cleats
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    1976 Santana 21ft

    it's a " run rail"
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    Land Transport Recommendations? Chesapeake Bay to Lake Champlain VT

    you can eliminate the nast up/down since that's the same by water or truck
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    I need the traveler car that rides on a 1and 1/8 track. it's a sheaffer part if anyone has one

    I need the traveler car that rides on a 1and 1/8 track. it's a sheaffer part if anyone has one
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    Recommended Instruments for Close Coastal Cruising (Day Sailing)

    depth and chartplotter are all you need to go anywhere costal. Wind instruments are nice but you'll know when the wind picks up, so superfluous. Auto pilot is great for long runs or if you have no other crew. I've had boats with every gizzmo including radar. But depth and chartplotter will get...
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    Smallest boat with dedicated shower?

    Ericson 35 -3 has a separate shower
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    Capri 22 mast needed!

    Bacon Sails in Annapolis MD has a bunch of used masts
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    Sail Rigging Questions - I have never sailed - 24ft Laguna Windrose

    where is the boat. Maybe one of us is near ehough to give you a visit
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    Boat graphics

    Also just had boat name and hailing port done by local shop here in Owings Mill MD. two copies . One each side of the hull. Total cost . About $80