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    New boater eavesdropping / 120v twist lock

    About Dana Point.... The electrics are seriously dated.... The Marina Owners and City have spent huge (thinks $$$ 1000s) of dollars on politics and questionable Marina plans... while NOT updating electrics... At least, that was my observation... ****** They are not shy about notifying slip...
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    The Official "What Did You Do To Your Mac Today" Thread!

    We are working on installing an Alcohol Stove in the 26D Counter top... Cutting out a hole.. making a plywood spacer and plywood cabinet top.. will post pictures when we can..
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    What do you tow your Mac with?

    seeing your boat... rolling off down the street does not encourage clear thinking... Kind of like a MOB drill in reverse.... but I don't know how you would practice for it... --jerry
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    What do you tow your Mac with?

    anchor... Duuhhh..... Never occurred to us... or would could have tied off to the mailbox!!!! :eek:
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    What do you tow your Mac with?

    towing... sort of ...... We pulled the 26D to in front of our house. Parked on the street and unhooked the truck while doing some maintenance... My son and I heard a noise as we were setting up a pressure washer - and when we turned around... the 26D and trailer were rolling down the...
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    2 strokes on Lake Tahoe?

    I, for one, am very, very grateful to the men and women who work on and support out clean boating regulations. I had several 2 cycle outboards. Put them up on a motor stand - and every one of them put out oil and gas in the cooling water... Got rid of them (hopefully - for parts)...
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    LED bulbs

    LEDs... current use is a functions of impedance... from low to high battery conditions, the voltage changes.. if you use a resistor to limit the current at one voltage, then the current will also change.... thus changing the light output... that's all fine.... but suppose someone...
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    A question for you electrical gurus

    are there... chargers for battery packs used in Power Tools that would do the job? since there are some power tools running 18-24V packs, then that might work.... --jr
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    Has anyone bought sails from BlueWater yachts

    yes... Mast raising kit... I will be a repeat and long term customer... I like the idea of finding people you are happy with and sticking with them... --jr
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    How do you heat your trailer sailer?

    I have a boat with AC hooked up. I was a bit afraid of anything with a "hot" element - so use a oil - electric heater under the table.... It heats fast, is really cheap, will last long, and is the "chicken's way out" for keeping the boat warm... Warm clothes during the day - tie up and use...
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    Need new OB for my Mac26C, info requested.

    Sum and Walt make good sense.... for lakes - a 4HP with "thrust ring" pushed my 26D to hull speed - FAST.. I did not notice a lot of effect with moderate wind, either... We got the long shaft for our boat - for several reasons. When we go to Galveston or points south, we did not want...
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    New Guy in Texas

    lakes... I feel for you with lakes drying up... Lake Ray Hubbard is down - but not disastrously so... Lavon is down more... But you can get out... My sister - says Travis is dry and not safe till it cools... There are "amoeba" warnings out... good luck - how to see you in...
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    Why "back-in" beaching

    bit of a walk... seems that with the tides so high.. that there could be a LOT OF MUD to wade through... backing in seems the good idea... if you can do it.. Seems like one could do amazing things there with the hydraulics of that kind of tide... --jr
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    Storage on a Mac 26D?

    strut... what kind of strut on the laz? We had thought about it... much simple than growing another hand... :) I have also been looking at composite fence slats for making a platform in the Laz and as a removable swim deck.. would not be a big swim platform - but it would be sturdy &...
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    Storage on a Mac 26D?

    Storage.... Proper Storage - I think - can be the real difference between a pleasant trip and one fraught with the angst of "we left it....". I appreciate the postings people have made... A MOD is farily permanent - and gets solid attention.. storage is, by nature impermanent. You...