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    Help with lancer25 top o’ mast blocks configuration

    Greg, Still need help? My Lancer 25 is almost packed for winter, mast down, so I can get what you need if you still need it. PM me. Don
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    What to do in Sarasota?

    Dave, My dad lives in Venice, about 20 minutes south of Sarasota. Get to Caspersen Beach and look for fossilized sharks teeth! Better yet . . . call Lattitude (I'll email you) and charter her for a few days on Sarasota Bay. Mind your charts inside but if you go outside . . . . current local...
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    composting toilet

    I've heard great things about them. Especially if used intermittently (sp). For a live-aboard not so much. My friend, James L Nelson (amazing author, buy his books, Vengeful Wind just released) just coverted his boat Paraclete to composting and to this point loves the decision. I may follow...
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    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Sunny, You are correct. They added the sugar scoop transom and I think the wing keel. Just before they went keel up, like so many other companies. Too bad. I'm currently waiting to have her dropped on her trailer for the winter. Home for the holidays.
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    No pics, but I have a 150% genoa with no tracks, just a snap shackle and block on the perforated toe rail. A pain to adjust. So . . . a small block about 5' from the bow and anotheer about 1 foot ahead of the winches. I looped a length of 3/16" StaSet though both, sending one end thru the...
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    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Thanks, I think she's pretty too. When I look online, the only photos I find are my boat. I mean really, it's MY BOAT. I didn't own it at the time but I recognize every jot and tiddle. That's my boat alright!
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    to upsize or downsize?

    We started with a Lancer 25. Large for trailering but trailerable nonetheless. I made a number of modifications so we could go from pulling into the launch to floating her free in 25 minutes. On a good day. Two years ago we purchased a Pearson-O'Day 290, number 7 of 8. Trailering is not a...
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    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Any POD 290 owners out there? There's only 8 of us . . . at best
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    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Any POD 290 owners out there? There's only 8 of us . . . at best
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    Can this jib be repaired and how?

    If Mama has a Singer with metal gizzards, get a yard of sail cloth and 4 ozs of thread from Sailrite. A home machine won't even be bothered by a couple of layers of Dacron. We used my wife's graduation present, a Kenmore sewing machine circa 1980, and made a mainsail for our Lancer 25 (up to...
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    Clever idea.

    That's GREAT! I Hate to get splashed when I'm working on the bow!
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    Mast wiring slap

    Get some poly backer rod. Cut into 1" marshmallows. String them with a fid like popcorn on a Christmas Garland, about every 1 to 2 feet. They won't slip
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    water based anti fouling paint

    I've used HydroCoat on one boat and SeaHawk Monterey on my bigger boat. Both applied quickly and easily: cleaned up the same way. In the water both performed very well. After 4 months of immersion in the Atlantic, I had a bit of slime on the hull but that was it. Well, a bit of a patchy...
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    No frills fiberglass to paint

    Tipsy, Treat it like a car project. Add filler or fiberglass as required. Grind/sand smooth. Fair it to the surrounding hull. Prime,sand,prime, sand,prime, sand, paint, paint. ON the bottom, if you go to the gelcoat, apply a few layers of barrier coat then a good multiseason bottom coat...
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    Poking the Bear - a.k.a. Lets talk anchors

    Can't we talk about something LESS incendiary . . . like religion, gun laws or Trump????