Pearson-O'Day 290 Island Time Wing Keel Standard Rig 1991 ME US Portland Maine Lancer 25 October 2008, I asked my son what kind of father-son stuff he'd like to do. "Sailing" he said. So, we looked for a boat, then I grew a spine and told Mom. She said it sounded like fun. (Pinch me) A month later we bought our Lancer 25 . . . no trailer . . . no truck . . . didn't know how to sail. But, I'm not a complete moron. It was all considered before we cut the check. Two weeks later, I had purchased an old power boat trailer, modified it based on another Lancer 25 on a trailer and delivered it to the marina. $800 loading fee later, we towed her home. January 2009. We took classes on Sailing and Seamanship at a local college and have sailed nearly 750 miles in the past two years. Engineer