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    Best Lazy Cradle/Stack Pack System

    @Stu Jackson, Stu, The condo conversion is wrecking havoc. We left Alameda Marina after 20+ years last fall, because the construction. The docks were in good condition, but the construction shut down all but one toilet stall in the whole place. the dirt and dust was awful. We moved to...
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    Best Lazy Cradle/Stack Pack System

    Yup. Alameda Marina.
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    Best Lazy Cradle/Stack Pack System

    I made my lazyjacks system with about $25 worth of material (two cheek blocks, a bunch of 2mm dyneema, some 1/8” (3mm) Marlow, single braid pre stretch, two small horn cleats which were already on the mast, and 4 plastic low profile faileads for under the boom) I installed the cheeek blocks on...
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    Another side to cruising.

    Glad to hear you’re okay!
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    Halyard wrap with Furlex

    Respectfully, that’s incorrect. Adding a pendant to the head usually is usually preferred, because that maintains the height of the clew and the vertical sheet angle, which in turn controls leech twist. adding a pendant at the tack raises the clew and the whole sail, which isn’t generally...
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    Halyard wrap with Furlex

    Or add a pendant to the head, instead of the tack. Your choice.
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    Ceramic coatings

    It’s nothing like silicone. It’s been used on cars for over a decade. It doesn’t cause problems for repainting. I used ceramic coating on my 29 year old trimaran, after careful wet sanding and professional buffing. It looked gorgeous for two years of year round exposure to the California...
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    Did the 30 come with roller furler?

    Don't trouble yourself, the model year of a Catalina 30 is irrelevant for PHRF ratings from, which is the rating authority for Northern California. Just fill out the form with the data about your boat. The YRA PHRF rating committee will handle all the adjustments for you if you fill...
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    New Genoa Opinion

    Loads on a sail and rig are determined by the "stiffness" (righting moment) of the boat, not by wind speed. If you heel the boat to 30 degrees in a gust, the load on the sails and rig is the same whether the wind is blowing 8 kts or 30 kts. An Oday 27 is a 7000 pound boat with a lot of...
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    soft area starboard fore deck

    I've done similar repairs from underneath. It's not that messy or hard to do. And the dock still looks like the original. It's actually less work, looks better when done, and lasts longer. You can thicken the epoxy so it doesn't drip. Once all the materials have been pre fitted, it's a...
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    Soft Foredeck

    Do NOT drill a bunch of holes in the deck and inject epoxy! You’ll have a bigger problem a couple of years from now. It’s not hard to replace core by removing a skin.
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    PLB recommendations

    Our club ran an exercise on San Francisco Bay where we actually had live crew go overboard and then we retrieved them. One of the things we discovered was that communication between the COB and mothership via a waterproof VHF communication was next to useless because it was muffled and...
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    Advice for grinding out and tabbing in a new bulkhead

    Here’s a video from SailMagazine and west Systems
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    Loose footed main with Mid-boom sheeting

    The sail applies only a few pounds of upward force on the middle of the boom, which is not enough to make any practical difference. You can safely substitute a loose footed sail for a footed sail. I have sold many loose footed mains for Catalina 30s over the years, but not a single footed...
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    Sad News at Garhauer Marine

    He was a gem of a man.