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    Replacing detaching interior vinyl with wood slats

    We are planning to do the same for our 84 Beneteau First 38. Instead of using teak we are also considering using a composite (plastic) ship-lap. Perhaps less weight and no mold/rot. Also we may be be "whitewashing" instead of staining to lighten up v-berth and aft-berths. Previous owner had...
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    Boat in the cradle for the winter- Bilge full of water?

    If the boat is keel stepped then I too suspect that water is making its way 1) down the inside of the mast (and past the internal dam/block that is supposed to divert this water onto the deck, or 2) that the mast boot is leaking.
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    Replacing reefing line sheeves on a 1983 Beneteau First 38

    Hi JuanMarcos, The 1980’s Beneteau First 38 rigs were manufactured by ISOMAT. Unfortunately, ISOMAT is no longer in business. They had a large market share and thus a few vendors still carry parts. RIG-RITE (located in Rhode Island) carries many parts for these masts. I...
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    Running backstays on Beneteau First 38?

    Our 1984 First 38 had both a baby stay and a pair of running back stays when we purchased her. She was seriously raced (19 Mackinac races) by the original owner. In 2014 we replaced the baby stay and used a turnbuckle instead of a block and tackle to attach to the deck. The turnbuckle on the...
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    Beneteau First 38 Owner's Manual

    Hi JuanMarcos & Hi Stirling, Congrats to you both on the First 38 purchases. We have a 1984 First 38 which we purchased in 2013 and have no regrets. We are in Chicago and are on the water sailing 2 or 3 days every week when weather permits between May 1 and end of October We have been...
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    Need help on this filter

    Link to a site where these old CAV type filters are sold. You need to recall that PERKINS Diesel engines where used everywhere. Small farm tractors, secondary engines on ambulances, firetrucks, recreational vehicles, tc. Very durable if well cared for but kind of simple. All mechanical...
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    Need help on this filter

    Exploded parts...
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    Need help on this filter

    Hi, What you have in the pic is a LUCAS / CAV / DELPHI water & sediment separator. There is no filter element inside. We have the exact same on our PERKINS 4108 in our 1984 Beneteau First38. Copied the following from the website: “CAV sedimenter / agglomerator is typically used...
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    Keel Bolt Removal on a 1984 Beneteau First 38

    The instructions from Beneteau specified the use of a small amount of Never-Seez for each bolt and also provided table with min & max torque values for each size of bolt. The instructions are saved and available on the OneDrive cloud server.
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    Keel bolts epoxied over on a 1982 Beneteau First 38

    More info on keel bolt replacement on a 1980's Beneteau First 38 with link to lots of pics.
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    Keel Bolt Removal on a 1984 Beneteau First 38

    Hi s/v milou, Anti-Seize Lubricant: Used Permatex Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant. The “aluminum” refers to the composition of the compound – not the intended metal parts. It is recommended for marine service and all metals. Caulk: Used BoatLife Life-Caulk. This caulk remains somewhat...
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    Beneteau First 38 pedestal compass removal

    Here is a direct link to the earlier Topic/Post:
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    Beneteau First 38 pedestal compass removal

    Hi Michael, Please search for post titled "Need Help Refitting mid-1980s GOIOT Steering System" started on Sept 23, 2014 in the Ask All Sailors forum. Post # 9 & 10 explain how to remove the BEN (French manufacturer “Bianchetti Electronique Nautique”) Marco Polo Compass from the GOIOT binnacle.
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    Plexiglass windows for Albin Vega?

    Pretty sure we used 3/8 inch. I will check with calipers tomorrow. Here is a link to prior post with photos & procedures. The use of the automotive paint to block out/hide the 3M tape and the Dow sealant makes it look so perfect & professional. Looking for Advice on Fixed Portal & Headliner...
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    Keel Bolt Removal on a 1984 Beneteau First 38

    Hi Gary, My mast was manufactured by ISOMAT. They were a French company with manufacturing plants in both France and the USA. They are no longer in business. However, Rig-Rite, Inc. has a stockpile of parts that they still offer. If they do not have the parts, they can have new parts...