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    Thru Hull Backers

    Asking what reason people have for doing anything is not a simple question. If you are asking what is the best material for backing plates, I think you answered that by describing your recent Spring experience.
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    Tachometer suddenly stops.......

    It’s electrical. Clean contacts?
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    Cost to own CAtalina 30

    Depends entirely on the current condition of many things - hull, deck, hardware, electronics, engine, sails, all.of which we have no clue about. Consequently, the answer can range from minimal to astronomical Exceeding the hull value. best advice I can offer is find someone you trust who is also...
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    Mystery electrical switch

    I sometimes wonder what happened to the people who ask questions like this and then disappear with no follow-up.
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    5200 or West Epoxy

    There is nothing inherently wrong with using 5200 particularly for joints intended to be permanent such as this. Having said that, glassing in the shelf would serve two purposes: 1. Create a more permanent and structurally sound base, and 2. further protect the wood, regardless of what kind...
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    Faded Sunbrella (or equivalent) Boat Canvas

    Not the answer you wanted to hear but ...
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    Faded Sunbrella (or equivalent) Boat Canvas

    Sunbrella color seems to last forever here. I’m surprised it would fade in the New England climate. Might be something else. As to restoration, I’d ask your local canvas or sailmaker.
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    Overprotection of prop (too much anode) on BENETEAU Oceanis 351

    Sounds like an imaginative way of blaming electrolysis for the Prop Speed failure of the “should get two years protection” claim. Over-zincing is a legit concern as you are effectively creating a bigger battery effect by excess zinc but that effect is manifested in ways other than increased...
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    Searching for a unicorn prop nut!

    Why not just re-thread the shaft?
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    water pressure loss

    Unless the yard plugged the tank vents (all of them), the problem is most likely unrelated to the work done on the boat.
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    Potable water leaking into bilge - 06 H38

    Have you eliminated the likely sources, e.g., rudder post, shaft packing, thru hull, hot water tank, sink drain hose, etc...?
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    Depth sounder and speed stoped working

    The first step would be to see if power is getting to the instruments
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    Awwww, Nuts!!!

    Ask the guy to have it fixed or replaced. Unhelpful suggestion - never loan a boat to anyone.
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    iPad charging woes

    A simple USB tester or the old fashioned way of exposing the wires on an un-needed cable to allow measuring with a voltmeter.
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    iPad charging woes

    Which is why I suggested to measure the voltage the iPad is getting.