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    Its funny Friday!

    A guy goes to see his Doctor and says "doc, I've been thinking about this for a long time and I've made a decision to get castrated". The Doctor says "Are you sure, that's a pretty serious decision and there's no going back". The guy says "I've put a lot of thought into it and there's no...
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    1987 Mk II Lower Shroud U-Bolt Failure

    Rebed with butyl (buy "Bed-It" from - great stuff, many others will agree.
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    I believe there are many terms for previous owners already in use, most of which shouldn't be used in mixed company :)
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    34/35 Prop Shaft Strut?

    Given the corrosion that occurred, do you think it would be worthwhile to attach a zinc to the strut?
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    34/35 Prop Shaft Strut?

    I think the tank will have to come out to access the strut bolts - I just removed my tank last weekend, major pain if you don't want to cut fiberglass (I cut the tank). I don't think lifting it will give enough access as there's only about 6 inches of room above the tank.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Hollyberry - can I ask where you got the new galley sink, I am doing some interior mods as well and am looking for a new sink - I like look of yours. Thanks.
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    Wiring new TV

    Keep it simple and more efficient and get a 12 volt TV - here's a previous conversation on this:
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    O'Day 26 - Didn't sell, but now what?

    Yes, the pivot point is at the mast base - I'm assuming on your boat you remove one of the pins to get the mast to pivot: forward pin is removed if you will be lowering the mast towards the stern and vice versa. Your mast is probably in the 100 lb. range as you say, maybe a little heavier. The...
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    Fuel Filter Replacement

    The boiling point of a liquid is dependent on the atmosperic pressure around it - at 30 Hg of vacuum, water will boil at less than 70 degrees Farenheit. The 150 - 380 C range for diesel boiling assumes sea-level air pressure.
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    O'Day 26 - Didn't sell, but now what?

    I have raised/lowered masts on several of my boats, trailerable multi-hulls with mast lengths of 30', 36' and 42' - however, they all came from the factory with a proper set-up. It definitely can be done but it is definitely not a one person job - you need a second person at a minimum to make...
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    Any advice regarding bottom paint

    Not sure if you are aware that you will have to remove the ablative paint before covering with hard paint, the ablative will eventually fall off and take the hard paint with it.
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    Stern tube winterization.

    If it looks like all the water will drain out if the seacock is open then you are all set, otherwise remove the hose to ensure it has all drained. Avoid trying to add anti-freeze, much better to get the water out in this situation. If you are unsure, post a picture.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Nice work - keep on posting.
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    Well, nice job to you as well Rocky :)
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    Nice job Larry, the boat looks great!