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    8 hp versus 9.9 hp outboard versus prop change for docking control on H26

    I put a Dual Thrust prop on my 6 hp 4 stroke Yamaha on my 23.5 Hunter just for that reason ,backing out of slip.Improved contal alot,dont think it improve forward speed but wasn,t looking for that.
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    Degree of heel H26

    After seeing that video,8 yrs ago of course my son and I tried to capsize our 23.5.Did exactly like video,rudder comes out of water,lose steerage and it rounded up everytime.Tender boat but sails great,
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    Mast Base Rivet Holes Sheared

    Dave agree about stainless in aluminum ,used heavy plastic washer in between,check every time trailer home (slip boat),so far no problems and screws have remained tight.
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    Mast Base Rivet Holes Sheared

    What about putting a 2 in aluminum strap around base and tap and screw stainless screws instead of rivets to hold in place did this at spreaders on mine where they came loose 6 years ago worked great,Never a fan of rivets.
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    Bad Cylinders?

    Has anyone had problem with the gas cylinders on inflatable lifevest ,2 of mine inflated in boat this last week,Chicago area has had very high temps and humidity but never had this problem before ,Just put new cylinders on both this year.
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    Replacing Hunter 23.5 Windshield

    Drill real slow and use lube WD 40 works Tape where drilling
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    Storing a furling jib

    On my 23.5 I leave it furled on furler.For trailering I took a 5 ft piece of 4 in PVC and cut it lengthwise in half and bolted them together to make back to back U cradle , put it on mast when down sticking it out front about 3 ft to cradle furler.Made bag out of sunbrella to keep furler from...
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    H26: Hatchboards/washboard dimensions

    Glad it worked out with the portable,never like the ones in washboards as Dave said because of getting in and out of boat I,ve sailed with mine for ten yrs now no problems sail.Suggestion I have mine sitting in plastic container with drain open catches what little water is exhaust as dont stay...
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    H26: Hatchboards/washboard dimensions

    I,ll be going to boat today,get you size!Friend did the same on his and cut in a small round acces port just for hose ,older Catalina so didnt mind cutting in to it.
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    H26: Hatchboards/washboard dimensions

    Not trying to steal your post but put portable hiare in my boat,23.5 Hunter exhaust out window in cockpit.that way clear companionway.Dont use bith so curtained it off,Works great. Good luck with your install.
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    Hunter 26 mast raising gin pole storage ?

    Did the same as MaxinCalgary,^ drain pipe mounted on trailer ,Store boom,mast raise pipe whisker pole,Save beating up interior cushions.
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    H260 Tiller

    I have Tillerlock by Cansail,they,re on Ebay Had it for 6 yrs,no problems at all
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    Hunter 23.5 VANTAGE

    Looks like front side rigging is loose Also added this to furler forestay ,take a lot of strain off t-ball and lets forestay move in multiple angles
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    Rebuilding trailer for 23.5

    Welding Galvanized metal puts out bad fumes so definately wear protection and fan away fumes
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    Stern Rail

    Made one similar for my Hunter 23.5 but added a stanthion at back corner at the 90 degree bend as to much flex was afraid it would pull out of deck if leaned on!Bought everything at Wholesale Marine,buddies an electrician,we bent it ourselves.If you try put pool filter sand in pipe eliminates kinks