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    Just a update- sold boat. Right place right time I guess. New owner promised to take care of the boat :)
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    Rebuild of my Catalina 30's Diesel

    Another thing with the mounts is the attachment to the the engine stringers. The wood inside the stringers disintegrates and the engine mount bolts wont tighten. Epoxy or some other method will need to be done.
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    Follow up on water heater installation efforts

    Looks like a good way to do it. You should be able to reattach that piece back with some metal bits and screws if you ever need to remove the heater again
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    Thank you
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    We have decided to sell our boat due to health, financial issues and other interests. I have enjoyed these forums and obtained much knowledge from it's sailors. I have been sailing on and off since I was 14 with my Father and since he is no longer around my interest has waned. Silly I know but...
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    Raymarine EV100 autopilot installation

    Late to the party but a few months ago I replaced my SP5 with the EVO. Just swapped out the components as it was all wired before. I used the old wheel drive and kept the new as a spare. Set up went like a champ. The EV1 went in the U shaped dinette cabinet right behind the mast compression...
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    Correct sheet car placement for 100 jib?

    Here's a picture of the jib car, inner and outer track, turning block, and winch of a C30. Maybe this will help. I'm sure not everybody has this setup from the factory.
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    trans shifts hard

    Had the same problem- replaced the cable and it works very smooth now
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    Help on value of 1988 Catalina 30TR

    Jsl1- sent you a PM
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    Hole in mast for access to the wiring and plug.

    CR- I thought about a vent but since I have the exit blocks right below the opening I cut I decided to just make the blank. The blank is machined so it fits on and into the hole for strength. Oh and the exit blocks make it nice for wasps to enter to get out of the rain...
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    Hole in mast for access to the wiring and plug.

    I added an access hole. Used a hole saw and then machined a cover plate and four 1/4 -20 flat head screws tapped into mast. I can get my hand just through the hole. Easy to pull out wiring and plug. Second picture you can see the cover plate at the bottom of the mast
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    jib winch location

    I just ordered 2 new winches with the intention of doing this. Instead of moving the original ones I'll add two more and can use either position. Most of the time I'm doing everything anyway unless I have crew for racing. I get a crick in my neck sitting on the coming. Also when landlubbers are...
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    C30 Stanchion Rebedding

    I think I just disconnected one end to give them slack.
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    C30 Stanchion Rebedding

    Here is picture of the base of the stanchion on my C30. There is no turning of the 1/2 bolt from above as it is welded to the stanchion. But you can turn the nut below deck and raise the stanchion as you loosen the nut. This particular stanchion the weld tacks broke so the threaded part spun in...
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    Reefing Main 30 TR

    I also have a TRBS with old full batten main. If the wInd is much above 15knotts the boat tends to round up or I'm fighting the wheel so if I know the wind gonna be above that I'll reef or just fly the jib. (Unless we're racing and I have crew)