Retired college composition instructor. Backpacking, kayaking, dingy-sailing nut; Laser racing for my game. I play passing blues harmonica and must have cayenne on ice cream. RPCV Sri Lanka, 1993. Writer of wandering stories. Married, kids in the world, dog.
State or Province where your boat is moored
C&C 37 128 Sirius Fin Keel Standard Rig 1985 Or US Portland San Juan 21, Vanguard 15, O’Day Daysailer I've put my beloved Laser into storage (for now) and sold our house in Portland, OR. We now live aboard our C&C 37 in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island, WA as we search for a house in the Salish region. I have cruised extensively in the San Jauns and the Gulf Islands in a variety of keelboats. My wife and I look forward to cruising around Vancouver Island and perhaps too Alaska in the years to come. Male Boat steward




Peter McMinn
C&C 37 Sirius