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    Genoa for a 1976 Hunter 25

    Best online resource I know of is - they list your boat (and mine!) with all sail dimensions. They also provide a ‘how-to’ measuring chart and explain what the I, P, E and J all mean. They carry sails by Rolly Tasker who is well known in Australia and about the Southern Ocean...
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    Cherubini Raider 33 (Not a Hunter) rudder shoe

    There is no forum here for Raider 33s but I would contend that Raider-related posts could be posted in 'Cherubini Hunters' as the boats are, in many ways, interrelated. The Raider is NOT a Hunter boat, and was NOT taken from the H33 or any others; but many of the structures were, for cost...
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    Cherubini Raider 33 (Not a Hunter) rudder shoe

    I would advise not 'glassing it but attaching it mechanically. When I repaired one of these after Superstorm Sandy I bolted the original skeg back into the hull (with sufficient backing plates) but these became inaccessible bolts - had to cut 3" round hole in skin of skeg to hold them with...
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    Cherubini Raider 33 (Not a Hunter) rudder shoe

    There were actually 29 R33s made by Raider Yacht (Joe Cherubini - brother of the designer - sons Peter and Brian and daughter Phyllis) between 1976 and 1983. The last two (which I helped build) were done in summer 1983. That autumn the molds were sold to someone in Florida who may have built...
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    Cherubini Raider 33 (Not a Hunter) rudder shoe

    It is the same one. Raider bought them from Hunter.
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    Rudder packing material on Hunter Cherubini

    When you’re doing packing material, in general you do NOT wrap it against itself. Most bronze pieces are meant to hold ONE pass of the material, butted together. Wrap the packing round, stuffing it in carefully (do not tear or scuff the edges), and set one end in. When the other end comes round...
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    Cruising-guides exchange

    This sort of collaboration can be very valuable. I firmly believe in seeking local knowledge about any new place (surfer, and Barnegat Bay sailor, here). I don’t see travelling the ICW without consistent VHF and in-person contact with many others along the same route at the same time. There...
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    Cruising-guides exchange

    Oh; I am a firm believer in the value of NOAA-spec charts alongside, or instead of, electronic media. I’ve stood in boating stores listening to guys ask the value of charts, or even the compass, if they have GPS. ‘Well; I’m not going boating with you!’ I tease them. It seems nothing’s relevant...
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    Cruising-guides exchange

    I’ve got a 2009 guide; but I don’t trust anything older after Superstorm Sandy. We had all the buoys pulled along the NJ Shore because the channels and inlets changed so much. I said it was like we’d all be Henry Hudson out there, blazing new trails. One guy went out into what he thought was the...
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    Cruising-guides exchange

    I have thought about this for a while and would like to know if it's already a thing. As we all know, those cruising guides and chartbooks can get expensive! I prefer the Dozier's Waterway Guides and the Maptech chartkits - the Dozier's run about $40/each and the Maptech kits about $120/each...
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    Splashing Monday

    Rock on, David! Have fun & be safe!
  12. 2021.05 Diana with new graphics

    2021.05 Diana with new graphics

    showing name graphics by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA. No handrails yet.
  13. 2021.05 Diana with rig up

    2021.05 Diana with rig up

    This has been long in coming!
  14. 2021.05 Diana's rig goes up

    2021.05 Diana's rig goes up

    JC2 and Matt Curtin of Curtin Marina stepping Diana's mast
  15. 2021.0525 Diana, port-side settee berth

    2021.0525 Diana, port-side settee berth

    showing 'varnish shop', mostly trim pieces of mahogany awaiting reinstallation after varnishing. Cushions are new. These are of 4" 'Lux' 50-lb foam - the best you can get. Custom-cut using electric steak knife (pretty much industry-standard method). Paper roll is for patterns.