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    Rope to wire halyard rope length?

    Hahaha, Will; you said it was a halyard drawn off 'to a preventer or a vang just to stow it off the mast and prevent annoying halyard slap. ' :p Look at the WIRE, gang - it's 1x19 rigging wire. No WAY that could be a halyard - you will NEVER bend that around any sheave less than about 2 ft in...
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    Rope to wire halyard rope length?

    Only Jim got it right! Sheesh. No; running backs are NOT a 'race option'; they're actually a requirement, as you can't fly the inner staysail without them. Remember ALL aluminum spars are meant to be used IN COMPRESSION - any lateral or torsional load on one will make it fail. Therefore...
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    Compression post rebuild

    This is a common question which I answered in my blog, 'Diana's Blog', on Blogspot.
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    Holding tank Vent locations

    Thanks for that, Peggie. I sell a lot of Odolos but have never heard of No-Flex and shall try it soon. I've long advocated (as I said in my other post) backflushing the system through the vents, but more than 1-3x /season - more like every time you empty the tank at the dock. Also by shooting...
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    Holding tank Vent locations

    Hey! --I've been repeating that from you for years to everyone who ever asks. Actually what I think you said, Peggie, was that in sailboats, it's a very good idea to have two, one on each side, since (as you said) the boat spends so much time with wind on the beam that the air flow helps very...
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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    I make it a point to not shop for boating products, especially for structural applications, at HoDePo. Now if you'd said that Defender or APS carried it, I'd have checked it out. :dancing:
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    Cruising in a Hunter-Cherubini - 25

    What jssailem said. Preparation is key. That said, prayer doesn't hurt either.
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    Toe rail attachment

    If 'the toerail is not holding the boat together' it's because it's 'sealed' with butyl tape. If you used 5200, it would in fact be holding the boat together. In Best Boats to Build or Buy, Ferenc Mate applauded our three-dimensional fiberglass flange on the C44s. He noted that, in theory...
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    Switching to 6volt golf cart batteries in a hunter 36

    Will someone please explain to me the most important reasons for using double the number of 6-volt batteries to gain the same amount of volts and A/H? In all my years in this business I have no knowledge of any real benefit.
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    Open-house party in NJ

    Curtin Marina is hosting an open-house event on Saturday the 27th in Burlington NJ. I posted this in Ask All Sailors too but hopefully Phil won't flag it here because I'm looking forward to maybe meeting up with people from this forum and may have lots of stuff of interest. Basically it is a...
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    Season-opening Open House event in NJ

    The historic, venerable, and fun family-owned Curtin Marina is hosting an open house event on Saturday the 27th in Burlington NJ. Not sure if this counts as an advertisement (sorry, Phil!); but there will be games, prizes, food, live music and priceless opportunities to meet, talk with other...
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    1984 H27 Boom Vang

    That's what many do, Ron; and usually it's copacetic; but that's also how most broken booms happen. Have I ever done it before? - too many times to count. Broken the boom? - no; of course not. But things get weird mostly when you're not expecting it. I may be privileged to have loads of...
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    West Marine rigging shop Rock Hill SC

    I always like it when people *assume* someone is crazy, for an idea of which they haven't heard details yet, simply because they can't comprehend it themselves. Oh; wait - no; I don't like that at all. :frown: ('You couldn't believe what you couldn't conceive, and so you thought me crazy', I...
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    Main sheet controls

    Look on eBay! I buy (and sell) oodles of used Schaefer blocks on eBay all the time. Great savings. Look at boat breakers too, like N and J in Wisconsin (Nick; a really good guy; he has loads of stuff). You will want a Schaefer 05-25 (fiddle) for the top and a 05-75 for the bottom (fiddle...
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    1981 H27 Salon Table

    I wouldn't make a table out of Starboard if the only alternative were papier-mache. No strength, loves mold, can't be glued, painted, epoxied, sanded, etc. - the list goes on. (Don't get me started.) A nice piece of birch plywood, well-treated with epoxy (got to seal its edge-grain) and...