tel./v-mail: 609 424 7050
State or Province where your boat is moored
New Jersey (for now)
Hunter 25 Diana Fin Keel Standard Rig 1974 NJ US Burlington NJ Rhodes Robin (1982) 2005- . This is for sale; inquire.
Avon Redstart, 1978- .
Pelican Navigator canoe, 2006- . This is for sale; inquire.
Sunfish (Texas Scorpion), 1972-1992
other family boats include Cherubini 31' yawl, Raider 33, Cherubini 44 and a Hunter 25 that was 2 months younger than Diana. Started in boating industry 1972. Experienced in all phases of design, engineering, construction, outfitting and restoration/repair of quality sailing yachts. Owner of several; currently 1974 Hunter 25 under full restoration (and overdue for recommissioning). Writer of numerous novels (under pen name) and non-fiction works about boating, yachtie life, music, more. Independent van delivery driver (White Angel Xpress), US East Coast. Consultant to boating industry, 2006- (White Angel Yacht Specialties). Sometime performing musician & songwriter. Retirement plans focus on voyage down ICW to Florida & islands. Boating consultant, author, musician, educator



J Cherubini II
H25 Diana, Burlington NJ
email: h25diana@gmail.com
Facebook: Diana of Burlington

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