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    Wine stain in cockpit

    Remove red wine stain Best thing I have found for removing Red Wine from a Carpet...... Windex, spray it on let it foam up and draw the color out and wipe it up.
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    Who's at fault?

    My take, for whatever it is worth. Captain's at fault. Should not have tried tried the assigned slip. If she thought getting there was unsafe for passengers, crew and ship. As far as the political part, let the insurance company fight it out. That's why the have lawyers.
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    Time to laugh a "little".

    Peggy, started laughing at #1 and laughed all the way through (tought #1 was the funniest).
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    old glue

    All good choices. I recommend lots of ventilation, safety glasses, and any strong solvents test on small area first (start with weaker solvents first). Paint scrapper tool is good. Make sure you wear gloves appropriate for the specified solvent (any materil that the solvent works on will carry...
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    Starting at age 50

    Great to hear there are a lot of us older sailors out there. I too aim to sail for quite a few more years. As long as I can grip the wheel, or tiller I shall sail into, and back from the sunset (past 65)
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    what did you learn to sail on????

    I learned on a Sunfish (like Dave Ritter at Oak Hollow lake in High Point, NC), while taking lessons with my grandson. The gentleman who taught us, Chuck Eldred is still sailing there I'm glad to say. My love with sailing had to have started as a Sea Scout in the 50's on San Francisco Bay. I was...
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    Whats your favorite sailing / boat movie?

    Master and commander
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    The ability to communicate on the water

    Just seems like common sense to me. Some time people do stupid things like driving in fog without headlights on..... It's not so you can see, it's so others can see you.. Common sense dictates carrying a VHF, and using it when on the water. You just never know
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    just 2 more repairs.....

    Good looking boat, looks ship shape and raring to go. Like the man said 'You go gurl'
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    Veterans roll call please

    US Army 65-67 25th Infantry 2/27 Wolfhounds Cu Chi VN Fought in Operation Attleboro, Nov 5, 66 Just Jon, you were with Hal Moore. I met him a few times lives near by. Also had a good friend that was with the Gen. in the Ia Drang.
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    The mac is what I wanted and what I like. I would not say one is better than the other. There are a lot of people out there that scoff at the mac...... I like it. It offers me what I want. I would look at the hunter, and sail it too, but at the end of the day I will go back to my mac....... For...
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    Help Me Pick A New Hand Held GPS

    I use a gps 12, and a grmin 76, have used them both. The 76 is better, but the gps 12 is very good also. Depends on waters, and how much info you need
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    Colored Halyards

    Hey if it makes your sailing easier, and makes a better sailor out of you..... Then go for it. I think it's a great idea.
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    Burning Rig Pics never seen before

    Really awesome pictures. I really thought that the Whale Shark picture was neat. I wasn't aware that there were Whale Sharks in the Gulf. When pictures like this are published it helps prove the range of some species Thanks
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    Sunderland Feared Lost At Sea

    She was picked up by a French Fishing vessel. I have two daughters and a son, and have tossed this around a lot. I think they would be safer out there than touring around the country for six months on thier own. I can understand all sides of this, but would be hesitant about letting them go...