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    Has anyone used short vertical battens in a (Seldon) in-mast furling main?

    We had vertical battens in our 2005 H38. I can't remember the batten sizes and we've sold the boat. The sail jammed a couple of times in the first year. Our dealer conferred with Hunter and they replaced each batten with 2 smaller ones ... perhaps the "slim" ones referred to earlier...
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    Charging house batteries

    I gave up trying to charge the batteries with the stock alternator and cannot believe that 2 hours per day of engine use would do it - I'd run for 5 to get one more day of use. IMO the stock setup is good for an occaisonal night or two out on the hook. I went for a 120A Balmar alternator and...
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    Dinghy engine lifting davit

    OOPs -missed attachment
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    Dinghy engine lifting davit

    I have an Ocean Marine Systems motor hoist mounted on the port aft cockpit of our H38. The base plate is screwed into the "deck" just below the waste tank access and supported by attachment to the rear seat rails. It is a model M20; This is the...
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    Improving NoveKool fridge and freezer performance to reduce amps usage

    We have a 2006 Hunter 38 with separate NovaKool fridge and freezer. They both slide out easily and there was no insulation around either of them. I bought some 1/2" waterproof insulation board (approx R5) at Home Depot and insulated around both, at least top and sides. There was 1/2" of empty...
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    Davits and Solar Panels

    This local company (BC) - Ocean Marine Systems - has made davits to fit Hunter's for years and were great to deal with. I bought a motorcrane from them after looking hard at their davits, then deciding I didn't want the dinghy obstructing the rear of my H38. They deal regularly all over...
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    Self Furling Jib

    Also check how much furling line is on your drum when the sail is out at the dock, and when it has been furled. Too much line can make it hard to furl completely. If you "let it go" when unfurling, you can get the furling line criss-crossing itself in the drum which adds to its bulk and may...
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    Refrigerators used by Hunter

    I have a smaller 38 same vintage and the NovaKool fridge and freezer slide out easily. Big might be more difficult to handle but I suspect Hunter builds consistently. I pulled my units and added insulation - there was none before. Big improvement in performance
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    Simpson Laurence SL00605167 Windlass

    My experience with John at SLSpares was very different - he was very helpful in ID'ing my gypsy, knowing with parts from other windlass's were interchangeable (stainless arm instead of the cheap plastic original) and shipped quickly - received less than a week later in BC. There's also a P2...
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    Question on anchor chain size for SL Windlass on my Hunter 45 cc

    I'm also using 5/8" 3-strand. New anchor (Rocna 20kg) last season, new anchor rode this year - 150ft of G4 5/16 chain and 200ft of the 3-strand. The original anchor was way undersized imo.
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    Question on anchor chain size for SL Windlass on my Hunter 45 cc

    I've just gone through this with the Sprint Atlantic windlass on my H38 - with the same scenario. The original chain on mine was larger than G4 5/16 too. Check your windlass gypsy for markings. Is it an RC 172? Seven chain pockets? If so, it's the same as mine and I've just put 5/16 G4 on...
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    Show us your favorite anchorage

    Prideaux Haven, Desolation Sound, BC
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    Do you have any insulation around your fridge and freezer? My 38 had none and the best thing I did was to fit water resistant styrofoam insulation around the units - the kind you get from Home Depot to use under concrete. It took 1/2" everywhere except on one side of the fridge (beside the...
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    Hunter 38 Interior wood stain match

    Thanks for that gem !! I've been looking at the finish on my 2005 H38 interior wood, especially around the companionway, and knowing I have to get at it soon. You've saved me a lot of research time.
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    Prop Walk when in reverse

    Welcome to the forum Bill, and to the problems of handling in close quarters. Many of us have suffered through learning the skills and you've received lots of advice re prop walk. It is your friend, not your enemy. But there are other factors to consider. My 38 has lots of windage and the...