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  1. ChrisHana Engine Gauges.jpg

    ChrisHana Engine Gauges.jpg

    Instructed my Chief Engineer to install Alternator Voltage, Engine Coolant Temperature, and Oil Pressure gauges while waiting for warmer weather and relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. Gauges are mounted and functioning.
  2. Oil Pressure Sending Unit Photo.jpg

    Oil Pressure Sending Unit Photo.jpg

    Oil Pressure Sending Unit installation on Yanmar 2GM20F diesel engine, with Part Sources and Numbers
  3. Water Temperature Sending Unit Photo.jpg

    Water Temperature Sending Unit Photo.jpg

    Water Temperature Sending Unit installation on Yanmar 2GM20F diesel engine with Part Sources and Numbers.
  4. Starboard Settee Storage 1

    Starboard Settee Storage 1

    Access ports cut into starboard settee back to provide additional storage. I noted the possibilities when the Chief Engineer was installing batter monitors and put in a work order to make these hatches.
  5. Starboard Settee Storage 2

    Starboard Settee Storage 2

    Hatches will allow access with having to remove only the back cushion.
  6. Port Settee Storage 1.jpg

    Port Settee Storage 1.jpg

    The starboard access turned out so well, I "cut" a second work order to have similar hatches installed in the port settee's back.
  7. Port Settee 2A.jpg

    Port Settee 2A.jpg

    Same hatch criteria as the starboard side. In retrospect, the Chief Engineer should have made these hatches different sizes to differentiate between the fore and aft covers.
  8. ChrisHana Battery Monitor Installation.jpg

    ChrisHana Battery Monitor Installation.jpg

    My Chief Engineer installed battery monitors for each of ChrisHana's batteries. Intent is allow him to monitor the charge of the house and starting batteries when we are sailing, or anchored away from shore power. He obtained the Drok Energy monitors from Amazon.
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    Mike -- Forgive me. My Chief Engineer has been working other tasks. ChrisHana's sole, cabin table, and interior bulk heads are teak veneer. I had the Chief refinish the soul and cabin table with a non skid varnish called "Ultimate Soul". Alas, a Google search reveals several links...
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    Mike -- Sorry for slow reply. I've had my Chief Engineer on other tasks. He used a product called Ultimate Sole, which I am unable to locate via a Google Search. The Chief removed the sole and salon table finishing is a climate controlled environment with lots of room. I believe he placed...
  11. Grizz On Board

    Grizz On Board

    Brought Grizz the Wonder "Doge" to the Bitter End Marina to assist Chief Engineer with boat cleaning. Neither Grizz nor the Engineer were happy . . . Grizz with the unstable platform and the Engineer with the dog hair.
  12. ChrisHana Burgees

    ChrisHana Burgees

    ChrisHana's newest burgees.
  13. 2019 Sail Around The Lake

    2019 Sail Around The Lake

    20 June, 11th Annual Sail Around Lake Pend Oreille. Temperatures in the 50s, rain, and steady wind made for a long day of broad reach sailing.
  14. New ChrisHana Cup Holder

    New ChrisHana Cup Holder

    Chief Engineer just replaced original fiberglass pedestal cup holder with upgraded model.
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