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    Reverse Cycle difficulties

    Hope all is well with the unit after you get the flow issue sorted out, I have a feeling its going to be a hot summer
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    Reverse Cycle difficulties

    With no water flow did your marine airrr unit throw a HPF code? If it didn't then you may have bigger problems.
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    Assess my Z-Spar mast (H23)

    Appears that your back stay(s) are too tight bending the mast aft
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    Bilge pump mounting ideas?

    I screwed the float switch to a piece of 1/2" piece of wood then glued to the bottom of the bilge, the pump just sits in the bilge and stays in place under its own weight.
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    Another Electrical Question (speakers)

    Not looking at wattage output, we have a pair of Sony SRS-XB43 blue tooth speakers which work very nicely in the cockpit and provide quality sound with no holes needed. I don't like putting holes in the boat where water can get in.
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    Marking anchor rode

    Oh undoubtedly, just wanted to throw that out there, there is also some hall effect sensors connected to a counter display that the rode could be wound onto a roller and a magnet drilled into the roller, then calculated each count on the display as x number of feet, lots of ways to skin the cat...
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    Marking anchor rode

    You could always run your rode through this
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    Tips For A Great Buff & Wax

    The only way to tell is to compound and then polish and evaluate, wet sanding would be a long and arduous task.
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    Tips For A Great Buff & Wax

    I was able to remove the registration numbers using a heat gun, as for buffing and waxing I just went right over them.
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    After 35 years of sailing I fell in today

    Sorry to hear you went for an unintentional swim, the complete surprise to me is the water temperature of 72*F in May, what does that say for what temp the lake will reach in the summer!!!
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    Alternator Mounting Failure

    Thanks for posting, I guess a closer inspection is required
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    Is Michigan open for cruising this summer

    I have not been to Manistee I am only repeating what I was told, I guess I was misinformed, I am sure both places are absolutely wonderful. Fair winds and calm seas have a great trip.
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    Is Michigan open for cruising this summer

    I would say that Frankfort would be better than Manistee as Manistee River has a pretty good current from what I understand and there is a bridge which needs to be opened in order to get to the marina. Frankfort is another one of those pretty little towns along the West coast of Lake Michigan...
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    Is Michigan open for cruising this summer

    Add Leland MI to your list of places to visit, this little fishing community is rather quaint with easy access, they have kept many of the building maintained at least in appearance kinda like stepping back to the early 1900's. Grand Traverse is nice but I prefer Little Traverse/Petoskey easier...