Recently my wife and I decided to purchase a Hunter 41 DS in lieu of a cottage on the lake, ironically enough we closed on the Sapphire on Sept 1, 2016, spent a couple of days in Muskegon MI becoming familiar with the vessel and then proceeded to sail her back to Port Huron MI where she is now a resident.
This is something special to us as I hadn't captained a boat for many years and had never piloted one of this size, my Admiral has only been on a few day sails prior to our ownership. We returned home without incident, sailing and motor sailing all the way, even flew the spinnaker a couple of days during the down winded legs up Lake Michigan, we witnessed some fairly large seas and hit 11.5 knots a few times with the genny while running the Yanmar 54 hp engine at 1500 RPM. The Sapphire is very well maintained vessel and a joy to sail, it is so very nice to be once again sailing the high seas (lakes).
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