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    Knotmeter and Depth Sounder Replacements

    I stand corrected. My whole backbone is SimNet cables, but you’re right that the instruments themselves are NMEA connectors.
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    Knotmeter and Depth Sounder Replacements

    Navico (Lowrance, B&G, and Simrad) use SimNet cables. It’s a standard NMEA 2000 protocol but their own cable form factor that’s a little easier to work with. Since it’s still regular NMEA 2000 you can use any other NMEA 2000 equipment with pretty inexpensive SimNet adapters. I think RayMarine’s...
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    Its funny Friday!

    Wait, why is this in the Funny Friday thread? Sounds like a pretty routine boat project to me. :poke:
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    First time out of the water in 8 years

    I would just go with Interlux’s instructions for their 2000e system- sand to bare metal (or barrier coat where that’s still intact), apply one coat of 2000e, fair if desired, and apply 2 more coats of barrier coat. Apply antifouling while the last barrier coat is still curing. I’ve done this...
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    Head Always Full

    Is it possible that the tank vent is plugged, preventing the pump out from really pumping the tank empty?
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    I agree with BigEasy that it probably won’t make much of a difference, as long as dealers don’t get too much of a reputation for being unresponsive to parts requests. I didn’t know Beneteau had the spare parts site until we’ll after we had the boat, so the site going away probably doesn’t affect...
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    It just keeps going...

    Are you sure it was thickened epoxy and not some kind of thickened polyester? Most production boat builders avoid epoxy due to cost and because it’s more work to add gelcoat or more layers of laminate. Guess it doesn’t make much difference going forward with the repair though; you can fix it up...
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    Looking for a Westerbeke 30BThree or 40B Four V-Drive

    What’s wrong with the engine that it needs a full repower? Small diesels are pretty tough and generally pretty simple. Depending on what’s wrong it might be worth considering repairing or rebuilding.
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    dis-continuous standing rigging on a 1996 beneteau oceanis 400 replacement ?

    Lots of boats have discontinuous rigging, so that in itself is not a problem. Rigging does have a finite lifespan, so depending on the age of the existing rig closer inspection and replacement may be warranted. Age is generally as much of an issue as hours, so depending on the environment where...
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    Fridge & Freezer not Cold Enough

    Is the compressor cycling on and off at that temperature, or does it run continuously and that’s as cold as it gets? If the former the issue is likely the temperature sensing part of the circuit. If the latter it could be any number of issues with the compressor, piping, refrigerant level, etc.
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    Throttle Position while Sailing

    Search the archives for more details, but the general answer is that it depends on your transmission manufacturer. Generally speaking: - Hurth transmissions on Universal engines are fine in neutral or reverse. Neutral provides less drag but reverse provides slightly less wear and tear...
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    110v into boat

    For what it’s worth, here’s an excerpt from Nigel Calder on wire nuts: “Wire nuts are frequently used to make connections in household circuits in the United States, although not in Europe. They are not suitable for marine use since the threaded metal insert is made of steel and will rust; what...
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    Which Battery is better?

    +1 for the link Maine posted. Since you’re looking to increase your house bank size, what size are your existing house batteries? Ideally you want to add another battery as closely matched to that as possible for them to function together properly. In any case yeah definitely get real deep...
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    Removing alternator on Yanmar 2YM15

    The HP consumed by the alternator depends on the amperage it’s putting out, which depends on the batteries’ state of charge. Nigel Calder says to figure that generating 100 amps consumes about 5 HP. That would be a big percentage of your HP, but your alternator is probably nowhere near that...
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    Jibing The Mainsail

    The one at 19:00 I was ok with - the sail was reefed and the wind was low enough that the impact wasn’t bad. But yeah the one at 20:00 was more than I’d be comfortable with.