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    O'Day 28 Standing Headroom? Please Include Model Year.

    The ‘85 brochure says 5’9” in the front cabin, 5’10” in the head, and 6’ in the cabin. I’m just over 5’11” and don’t remember ever being uncomfortably crouched.
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    Fold or flex?

    All I do is polish the blades with a little sandpaper each winter. No different than I treated my fixed prop. FOF says you can put some grease on the pins to help smooth the folding but it’s not really a requirement and mine’s smooth enough as-is.
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    Rookie Question about Spinnaker Tack Line

    +1 for the advice above about depowering the kite and easing the sheet before pulling the sock down. We douse ours into the dock without touching the tack line. I haven’t ever been close to the problem sailfanatic describes with the sail wrapping around the forestay, but maybe that depends on...
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    Fold or flex?

    By the way, here’s the plot of my upwind boat speed during a couple years worth of races with the fixed and folding props. Orange dots are fixed prop, blue dots are 3 blade FOF. Lines are the best fit polynomials. At low wind speeds the difference is as much as a knot. The difference closes...
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    Starbrite antifreeze recall

    Only addition it would be nice to have to their explanation is what the actual problem is with the mix. Is the problem just that the concentration was wrong, or was the wrong chemical (for example Ethanol used in cheaper blends) mixed in? Knowing that would help consumers check their mix with a...
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    Attaching flag to fiberglass without through bolts.

    If the surface is cored it would probably be good to overdrill the holes, fill with thickened epoxy, then screw into that. That will keep any water leaks out of the core. @dlochner has suggested a process in the past for leaving a waxed bolt in the epoxy then backing it out once cured, leaving...
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    Fold or flex?

    I have heard about vibration issues with the 2 blade from time to time. Maine Sail has written about problems with that himself a few years ago. The 3 blade doesn’t seem to have any reports of such problems, and ours is as smooth as the fixed prop was.
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    Blisters on 1991 Beneteay 41s5

    “Pop” one of the blisters and see if foul smelling water comes out. If so then it’s likely a traditional osmotic blister.
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    Hunter 45 CC: Lost the shackle in my Selden furling main...

    I thought about that and did give it a try. The wrench must have found somewhere well tucked away though. I couldn’t get it to catch the magnet through the mast.
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    Wiring Diagrams for a 2009 Beneteau 31

    That does sound a little high. On the 37 the parasitic draws are: Remote controlled courtesy light radio receiver: 11mA (bypasses isolation switch) Bilge pump electronic water sensor + stereo memory circuit: 11mA (bypasses isolation switch) DC panel with all switches off: 150 mA Led on DC panel...
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    Wiring Diagrams for a 2009 Beneteau 31

    Thanks. Seeing your picture reminds me that I have seen something like that for the 37. I think I have it in paper on the boat.
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    Wiring Diagrams for a 2009 Beneteau 31

    Here’s the diagram from the owner’s manual for the 37 - The 37 is the same series as the 31 so it could be a start. Unfortunately they don’t have any more detailed diagram.
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    What is "normal" oil consumption?

    Not for mine. Been that way from the factory, and there’s no noticeable smoke. I don’t really need to add oil during a season. I sometimes do just to bring it back closer to the full line, but it’s still well above the empty line.
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    Lifeline autopsy

    Agree with all of your other points, but Beneteau was still using covered lines on its Oceanis 31/34/37 line, manufactured until 2014.
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    What is "normal" oil consumption?

    Our 3YM30 burns some as well. For comparison, here is what the dipstick looked like at the start of the season with 343 hours - And last weekend with 410 hours -