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    Hurricane Isaias <--- TS Isaias <--- PTC 9 <--- Invest 92L

    jviss and I will both be watching the track closely it seems. I’m planning on a few day trip on the northern Chesapeake later this week. Plan was to leave Wednesday. Hopefully Isaias passes through by then.
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    Shifting issues

    You’re not pushing the red button on the shifter are you? Some think you need to push the red button as some kind of safety, but that will do just the opposite, revving the engine in neutral. If it happens again look at the transmission while you try to shift and see if the shift lever on the...
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    Ransomware strikes Garmin for $10M

    The devices can be configured by the user to connect to secured or open WiFi networks. They won’t just do it automatically- the WiFi network has to be selected from the device, and the password entered of there is one. The network you’re creating will only be usable if you provide the password...
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    ProSport 20 parallel batteries.

    It should work fine. Use one output from the charger for the house bank, and the other for the engine bank. Both house batteries will be locked in parallel, but That’s usually what you want anyway. Also, you may want to relook you battery sizing. The group 24 battery should be perfectly...
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    Jelly fish are dying to keep me hot

    We have a strainer on our AC. No experience with jellyfish, but a few weeks ago it did still suck something up and needed backwashing with a dinghy air pump. To be fair that is the first time in over 6 years we had that problem. I don’t love that a problem with an external strainer might be...
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    Making Donations

    Only problem is that if you’re right and the VHF went in the trash then it hasn’t gone to Neptune yet. So he’s still awaiting his chance to claim his third donation. :(
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    Honda 2200 vs 1000 noise comparison

    I agree. And it’s not just old boats. Our 2014 Beneteau also came with a solenoid but no alarm.
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    Ransomware strikes Garmin for $10M

    Even then it’s generally behind a marina’s router that prevents it from being publicly available or addressable. It establishes an outbound connection straight to the vendor and downloads the update file. At least in the case of Simrad (probably Raymarine too but I haven’t checked) there are...
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    Honda 2200 vs 1000 noise comparison

    Fair enough if you have a 20A charger, but in that case the charger is pretty undersized for the bank. Rule of thumb is to use a charger sized at the continuous loads plus 10% of the bank capacity. So with a 400 aH bank you’d really want more than a 40A charger. Even with that charger you’re...
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    Honda 2200 vs 1000 noise comparison

    How do you figure days? The shore power outputs 20A at 12V. That’s about 2A at 120V (plus a little for inefficiency). Putting 20A into the battery at 12V it should be filled in a matter of hours, the same as it is when plugged into real shore power. Said differently - A shore charger only uses...
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    Is my Gooseneck cooked?

    You could remove the boom and inspect the parts to make sure nothing looks split. Once the boom is off the rest of the gooseneck can be disassembled.
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    Real chance of capsizing?

    Looks to me like you were still in the exciting category, not moved to dangerous. I’ve read things like a wave height needing to be 30% of a boat’s length, or higher than the boat is wide to roll it, in the worst case. Cameras don’t do a good job of showing wave height but it didn’t look that...
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    Ransomware strikes Garmin for $10M

    The attack that happened here is very different from any type of attack that would affect chartplotters and onboard instrumentation networks. What probably happened is that some Garmin employee or contractor was tricked into opening an email with a malicious attachment. The malware in the...
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    Ransomware strikes Garmin for $10M

    ActiveCaptain still seems to be working as normal. Perhaps their servers and infrastructure weren’t folded in with Garmin’s services.
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    1988 O'Day 322 Replacing Depth Sounder

    Even if you already have the new transducer, if you’re still having trouble with the wiring it’s not too late to go the through hull route. Transducers generally still work mounted inside the hull, as long as they’re bedded with something that doesn’t have air bubbles, and is in a place without...