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    What is this?

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    Exhaust Steam

    Sounds like it could be a head gasket. White exhaust was what made me call the diesel mechanic, then charter another boat while we waited for him to work through his backlog and repair it.
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    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    Thanks for all the suggestions - I’ll report back on our return.
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    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    We are board a chartered Catalina 35.5 with another couple in Rock Hall, MD next Friday. We hope to find a great restaurant for local seafood, and quiet anchorages. what do you recommend? (We will spend one night in Annapolis visiting friends.)
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    Long time lurker :)

    Congratulations! The 33 is a great design. Cherubini said it was the Queen of his Hunter designs.
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    Roller furling failure

    High wind sure makes everything harder! How about some detail on how the furling line came loose? Thinking of how to prevent the root cause… Thanks.
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    What weather forecast makes you cancel your trip?

    Tedd, it’s my understanding that moving a any speed does not change your probability of experiencing weather. But a motor vehicle can easily outrun a thunderstorm, if you are threatened.
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    What weather forecast makes you cancel your trip?

    We include layover days and contingency plans for all our trips, so we can almost always ride out a storm in a safe harbor. We use NOAA, weather radar, SailFlow, and Mark 1 eyes to assess the danger from thunder storms, and never set sail when one is very likely. We get into port by 4 PM if...
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    37c projects

    Great work, Salty!
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    Full size porta potty?

    We have sailed our Hunter 27 over 7,000 nm on the Great Lakes over 21 summers with her original MSD toilet, piped for pump-out. No odors with Odorlos (or another oxygen source). No maintenance issues. And more capacity than a comparable marine toilet because there is no flush water.
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    ‘78 Hunter 27 Tiller/rudder interface

    Ours is one solid piece. (’77 h27)
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    Splashing Monday

    We are loading the car with all the stuff we store at home through the winter so we will be ready to load Lady Lillie for her launch on Monday. We look forward to our weekly cruises in the Lake Erie Island area with anticipation and excitement!
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    Hunter 27 Shore power requirements

    The short answer has been given - a 30 amp cable that is compatible with the power plug at your marina. But you need to work through the amp loads on your boat. If the A/C and coffee pot are on, and the Admiral fires up her hair dryer - you may blow the breaker. It's better to know ahead of...
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    Any plans for cruising this year?

    Dlochner - Deer Island, downstream of Boldt Castle, near A-Bay.