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    Help with identifying my boat?

    My HIN is just below the pelican in the fibreglass.
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    Help with identifying my boat?

    Hull ID numbers are usually embossed right onto the hull on fibreglass boats.
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    Where's all this water coming from?

    Both my starboard lockers get some water after heavy rain or pressure washing. I think mine might be leaking by the chain plate.
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    Too much mast rake

    Your shrouds will also affect the rake by limiting how far forward your mast will go. They may need to be loosened, set your rake with front and rear stays, and readjust.
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    New Owner / Hull 355 / Pop Top Mast Slug ? / Keel Hole / Cockpit cubby

    Very little. Yhe lip is only 3/8 “ maybe. Any water in there spills out with any boat movement.
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    New Owner / Hull 355 / Pop Top Mast Slug ? / Keel Hole / Cockpit cubby

    My pop top is held by a wingnut on a bolt through a square piece like yours. The bottom bolt on your keel trunk is what the keel swivels on. Top hole is for a lockdown bolt. This should be aluminum so it can sheer. The open cubby on aft starboard side is for your fuel tank. I've had my Sirius...
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    Keel Winch operation in Sirius 21

    This is your typical Sirius keel winch. They do not lock or ratchet like a boat winch. Keel winch has a clutch that allows you to raise or lower under control stopping where you like. It won't fall if you let go of the handle. Facing aft counter-clockwise to lower and clockwise to raise. Daryl...
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    What do you tow your 21/22 with?

    2005 Honda Odyssey. 350,000 km
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    Furler Swivel Playing Hard to Get

    I use a long pole (or boat poles taped together) with an old fashioned potato masher on my boat. Read about it here
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    My mast raising solutions

    Looks great. And Canadian!
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    Siren 17 info...?

    Siren info A good guy to contact is Pat Reagan (Shoretyus) on the Trailer Sailor forum. He used to have a Siren and has moved bigger to a Sirius. Pat is very knowledgeable about modifications. DAryl
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    25-27 ft sailboats

    I sail a Sirius 21 swing keel in Manitoba. When I first bought this, my first sailboat, I loved the idea of trailering to different lakes. However we have a wonderful club on a 10 Nautical Mile lake. My boat never leaves the water from May until October. With my boat is in a slip, after a...
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    Removing painted-on boat name

    advice fro a sign painter The sign painter that put the name on my boat said to use an abrasive cleaner like Comet. But be careful.
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    Hi, new guy on a new forum!

    Hi John, Daryl from Manitoba here. I bought my first sailboat this spring, 1977 Sirius 21, and love it. I am going to pull it out of the lake today & maybe get one more sail in. There are lots of pictures on the yahoo group site sirius owners. I post pics of "island Time" on...