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    What do you tow your 21/22 with?

    2005 Honda Odyssey. 350,000 km
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    Furler Swivel Playing Hard to Get

    I use a long pole (or boat poles taped together) with an old fashioned potato masher on my boat. Read about it here
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    My mast raising solutions

    Looks great. And Canadian!
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    Siren 17 info...?

    Siren info A good guy to contact is Pat Reagan (Shoretyus) on the Trailer Sailor forum. He used to have a Siren and has moved bigger to a Sirius. Pat is very knowledgeable about modifications. DAryl
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    25-27 ft sailboats

    I sail a Sirius 21 swing keel in Manitoba. When I first bought this, my first sailboat, I loved the idea of trailering to different lakes. However we have a wonderful club on a 10 Nautical Mile lake. My boat never leaves the water from May until October. With my boat is in a slip, after a...
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    Removing painted-on boat name

    advice fro a sign painter The sign painter that put the name on my boat said to use an abrasive cleaner like Comet. But be careful.
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    Hi, new guy on a new forum!

    Hi John, Daryl from Manitoba here. I bought my first sailboat this spring, 1977 Sirius 21, and love it. I am going to pull it out of the lake today & maybe get one more sail in. There are lots of pictures on the yahoo group site sirius owners. I post pics of "island Time" on...
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    fibreglass smell

    I am a new owner of a 1977 Sirius 21. I have a question for the group. All of my holds seam to have a strong fibreglass (resin) smell. I hate to put any PFDs or dishes or anything in the holds that will pick up this smell. Is this common? Is there a way to remedy this? Thanks, Daryl
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    side stay

    I have a 1977 Sirius 21. One of the side stays has a kink in it and should be replaced. Does anyone know where I can find the measurement/specification for the stays. I hate to have to take the mast down just to measure then put it back up again. Thanks, Daryl Ramage Brandon, Manitoba Even if...
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    VDO Sumlog impeller

    My 1977 Serious 21 has a mechanical VDO Sumlog and the impeller is broken. Any idea if I can just replace the impeller or do I have to replace the whole unit? If I have to replace it what type should I use? Thanks Daryl
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    rigging diagram

    Does anyone know where I can find a rigging diagram for my 1977 Sirius 21? Daryl