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    Feathering or folding prop recommendations?

    Parsons, thanks for putting so much time and energy into your response, it is helpful. Our races are held on what has been dubbed Windless Wednesdays and all too often we are fighting our way around the course in 5 knots or even less of breeze. We struggle to compete with some of the smaller...
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    Feathering or folding prop recommendations?

    Wanting to increase our racing results next year and working on the best elements to address. B323 with two blade fixed prop which sings so I have a perfect justification to get it off the boat! Cost is not an issue if it is better. Sailing in fresh water with little risk of snagging lines, but...
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    M25XP w/ HBW50 Transmission - Singing Prop

    Ward, does it sound like this? I tried filing the edges as described in a couple of places with not effect. Going to change to a folding or feathering prop for net year and hoping it will stop the noise. Fortunately for me the rpm band is not one I need much so I can ease along or do...
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    Converting in mast furling to traditional main

    My mast also has the track built in adjacent to the slot for the furler, and it has prompted me to wonder about the implications of this. I have absolutely no problems with the furler but for racing would like to have the extra sail area and the extra adjustability of a conventional main for...
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    New Chartplotter

    I have really enjoyed the start line feature as it has helped with getting to the angle I want full of confidence that I won't be really late or early. I have yet to use the layline tools as I have not yet managed to set the marks for the course since they are set with dropped marks just before...
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    {splash} !@#$%^ &*!!!

    I lost the big rear bow frame for my Bimini in about 10' of the muddiest water you can imagine getting the boat ready in the spring. Not knowing how much a new one might cost as I figured they were custom made for the boat, I called a diver who told me he would be there in a week and that it...
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    Best way to track wind shifts

    So last week I was rooting around in my "sports room" among my sailing stuff and found a device I bought a few winters ago and forgot about. It is a Tacking Master wrist mounted recorder to track wind direction and shifts right on your wrist. Last night I used it and it was brilliant at letting...
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    Leverage vs lifts/knocks

    Wow, great help Clay, this points out that the lift I am seeking at the start is going to end up being a header sooner or later as I tack across. Thanks! Dan
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    Leverage vs lifts/knocks

    Sorry for dragging this out but I am having a hard time assessing the possibilities here since I am racing in a fleet that does not typically stay to one side or the other but rather fans out both sides seldom going up the middle due to the W-L boats coming back down the course. If I thought the...
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    Three boats at leeward mark - What to do?

    Everyone I know would have driven right up the inside of AP claiming overlap was present and demanding mark room! Seriously though, I am unable to imagine a better option than you took once you were there even with all the time I have to think about it. It must have been quite the shock to have...
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    Leverage vs lifts/knocks

    Thanks for the reasoned responses Guys, I am interpreting the feedback as agreeing with my thinking if not my writing! In a PERSISTENT shift I shouldn't freak out over the knock since I am gaining leverage. The caveat would be if I was closely leading or following one boat on my side of the...
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    Leverage vs lifts/knocks

    Sorry if this is too basic, but I am wrestling with how to fit these together. As I understand it, leverage is only relevant if the wind shifts and is more profound the further from the rhumb line you are. So if I am on the right side of the course and the wind shifts left, I lose height and...
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    Hotter than the sun

    Congratulations! I guess it is easier to call the overlaps for the tactician if you are on the bow! Dan
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    Best way to track wind shifts

    Scott, I am not a cheater.
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    Best way to track wind shifts

    So the new Raymarine updated sailing tools are a qualified success. The start line tool is very good and gave me exactly what I wanted with the time to burn function pretty easy to learn and use. It did not however prevent me from being there 15 seconds early and trapped. The course was set with...