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    Berth headroom 36 vs 38

    Thanks for all the helpful replies. If people have access, I'd be very interested in the measurement in inches from the berth cushions to the cabin top at the lowest point for the 36 and 38. Then I can measure my vertical when prone and figure actual clearance for a crawler. Thanks again.
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    Berth headroom 36 vs 38

    I like the looks of the Hunter 356/36 and 38 with the transverse aft queens, but thanks to Covid, I've only seen pictures. The brochures indicate headroom standing next to the beds, but not in bed, i.e. can you sit up, or can the sleeper aft climb over the sleeper forward to hit the head...
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    Funny Friday!!!

    My favorite scene from "Cheers": Diane is sad hearing her family cat has died, and Carla is unsympathetic. Diane asks if she ever had any pets, and Carla says yes, her kids have had goldfish and hamsters and they all died. Diane asks "don't you think cats are different?" And Carla replies...
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    A Good Year for Astronomical Sights

    I believe that in ancient times these 2020 conjunctions would have been seen as omens. But that is ridiculous, right?
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    Boarding Ladder for Hunter 49 Sailstep seems to have gone out of business, but I built my own from 1/8th inch aluminum angle bracket and a Garelick cockpit step...
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    Who "owns" a mooring buoy?

    In many mooring areas, but not all, the space in which a mooring is placed is regulated by a harbor master (often for a fee) and the actual tackle belongs to individuals. In a few cases, the municipality provides and owns the moorings. Outside of regulated harbors, an individual might place and...
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    Bye Bye Birdie

    Okay, off topic, but this reminds me of a story I read years ago about some suburban dads who built a cannon to accompany one of their kids playing the 1812 Overture in a school band. It was so successful that the dads got a bunch of school gigs all over the northeast. Maybe we can find them and...
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    Stern berth ventilation H355

    Love this...
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    H34 cowl vents

    My cowls were in bad shape so I replaced them with these passive vents. Got them for about $35 a piece on sale. My sense is they probably don't provide as good ventilation as solar, but are cheaper, longer lasting, and...
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    H-34 Manual Fuel Check

    Because I am too fat or inflexible to get into the locker to service batteries, I cut a hole in the quarterberth wall for access. One other benefit is the side of (plastic?) the tank is exposed. I put a flashlight on top and can see the fuel level, which seems to be about 5/8th-3/4 inch per...
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    Ignition wiring

    Well, as usual, you guys were right. Strangely, the loose connection wasn't around the switch in the engine compartment, but at the battery leads. How they both got loosened and why it occured just when I was working on another part of the boat is a mystery...but I'd rather go sailing than solve it.
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    Ignition wiring

    I didn't think I touched anything around there above the stop cable, but I'll check it tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Ignition wiring

    So, I did it again. Fixed one problem and created another. My stop cable was stuck so I pulled a new one through. Works perfectly. Unfortunately, in the process, I seem to have screwed up the ability to start the engine on bank 2. Bank 1 still works and Bank 2 worked until I changed the stop...
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    Disconnecting/Removing mainsheet while motoring?

    I'd slice the bimini from one side to go around the sheet, and have velcro to hold it back together while up. That's the way my bimini splits around the backstay.