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    H170 versus H18 experience

    Mark2, I can't comment on the 170 but I can speak to the Hunter 18 as a current owner. Some additional Hunter 18 comments: Sailing ability - Definitely agree on stability and solid performance in heavier air (also have never used the main reefing system) and that even in with significant chop...
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    Fin keel dimensions shoal vs standard

    I believe the shoal draft version was offered only on the mark I ('72 thru '85). The mark II ( "86 - '91) came only in fin and wing keel versions. I'll let others correct me but if so, a quick dip with mask and snorkel should confirm wing or no wing as well as general condition of below the...
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    Bomar hatch trim ring removal

    From what you've described I'd have to assume you're up against the original sealant or bedding compound. Try working a sharp edged putty Knife around the perimeter prying upward as you go. If it was bedded properly it should come up with some effort and patience. If still stubborn, heat the...
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    Cunningham Rigging

    I appreciate responses from all. I do club race so, so yes I want the control line lead back to the cockpit plus there's already room in the existing deck organizer. My sense was the force required shouldn't be that great but wasn't sure what to expect close hauled in heavy air. It sounds...
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    Cunningham Rigging

    I plan to add a cunningham to my Cat 30 TM with the control line lead back to the cockpit. There is a ganged turning block assembly for mainsheet, and boom vang with unused sheaves for bringing it back on the port side to a new cam cleat to be mounted on coach roof. I plan to use a spiral hook...
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    List to Port

    I have the same problem with a 1984 Cat 30 TRBS with the starboard water tank full and holding tank (port side) empty. Besides the standard build, a past owner installed a pair of golf cart batteries for refrigeration under the where the stove went on port side with a group 27 marine battery...
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    DPDT wiring question

    Because of the way the 2 wire version of the light switches polarity to go from anchor to tricolor you have to use a DPDT switch to break and reassign polarity to both wires and it must be an either /or connection. In other words there cannot be 2 switches (DPST) with the possibility of being...
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    Cockpit Cushions

    They make custom cushions if they don't have the seat back pattern - worth a call.
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    Cockpit Cushions

    They carry them in the store
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    Part or screws missing on bottom of hull, Hunter 18

    Looks like the aft end of your board flap was cut about an inch short. Attached is what mine looks like. Short of getting a new flap kit plug the holes. It won't affect performance and apparently will plug a leak as well.
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    Trouble with jib roller furling on Hunter 170 (2-part question)

    Part 1 - Turn down wind and furl the jib (with a very loose sheet) in the lee of the main. Your furler can only do so much with a strong head wind and flapping jib. Part 2 - When your boat's exactly head to wind its in what's called unstable equilibrium - the slightest net side force in either...
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    Supporting Hunter 170 for centerboard removal

    As far as CB removal is concerned - for other reasons I've contemplated pulling the CB in my Hunter 18. My current thinking is (3) 2X4X8's joined at the top to form a tripod with 2 legs shortened to sit on each side's cockpit seat with the forward leg pinned to, or sitting over the mast step so...
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    Hunter 23.5 Roller Furler Pin

    As long as you match the diameter of the clevis, any stainless steel rigging pin should be more than sufficient. For permanent replacement I'd select the minimal length that allows for split ring retainer install just to keep things clean but any length will do in a pinch. I believe CDI uses...
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    H240 steering

    If I understand the question, you're having to fight the outboard and the rudder trying to turn in different directions when backing down in reverse? Your rudder blade is partially balanced carrying more surface area aft of the pivot than forward so reverse water flow tends to force it left or...
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    Motor for Capri 18

    John, I have a Suzuki 2.5 on my Hunter 18 and love it. Its quiet, reliable, and at 29 lbs (short shaft) you won't find a lighter 4-stroke kicker. There's a J-24 that uses one in our club and I've even towed a Catalina 27 out of our marina that had engine troubles - there's more than enough...