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    Mac 26classic LAZARETTE...set up and access

    That is what the PO had done on my boat. And he made the shelf big enough to place the battery in there as well. Not knowing any better at the time I left it that way. Now that i know better, I still haven't moved either of them to a better location yet.
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    Quick Cruising Poll

    When you go on a sailing cruise what is the one item you bring that you can’t do without? Drink cooler. When you go on a sailing cruise what is the one thing you can’t bring but miss the most? A/C Which activity you’d like to do but is unavailable on your boat? Inside shower.
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    Winter Sailing

    Yeah, Justin. I am in a way envious of the guys that pull their boats out every year and do maintenance while it is out of the water. My boat hasn't been out of the water since I got it and there are several projects needed to be done out of the water.
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    Winter Sailing

    So I went down to the marina this afternoon to pressure wash off the boat since the forecast was for light winds with temperature in the mid 60's. After the third time of the spray getting blown back into my face, I realized that the wind was a little more than light. Once again I put off...
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    Hunter 260: Tiller Versus Wheel

    I too had a 26S that was a bear to handle when the wind came up. I bought a Ida sailor balanced rudder and it made all the difference in the world. It was like adding power steering to the boat! They build the rudder with a little more surface area forward of the pivot point which helps the...
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    Advice on loading a boat on the trailer

    No Ringmaster, It has the Shoal draft of 4.5'.
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    Anyone who doesn't post a photo today, will be barred from SBO.

    Wonderin' if we'll ever be able to get back on the water.
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    Self Isolation

    In keeping with the theme of this thread... I stopped by the grocery store on the way to the boat this past weekend to restock a few basic essentials. After hearing reports of empty shelves at several stores, I was a little concerned. But no worries, I was happy to find the basic essentials...
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    Activities between Sailing

    When I am not sailing I am either competing on horseback, flying, raising cattle, or building a nuclear waste disposal site.
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    Would a 110 jib be a good addition for macgregor 26C.

    My 26S has a 110 jib hanked on. I am quite happy with it. However, I aslo have a 150% genoa and there are times that I am glad I do. For a single headsail, the 150 would be too much at times so stay with the 110.
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    On '95 MacGregor 26C, which halyards would you put on port, and starboard side.

    My 26S also has the jib halyard on the port side, with the down haul right next to it. The main is on the starboard side as well as the spinnaker halyard.
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    Good lead for hydrohoist info

    By hydrohoist if you are referring to a boat floater, it works like a ballast tank on a submarine; Open area on the bottom with a air line going to the "tank". Put the floater in the water, open the air (vent) valve to submerge tanks enough to allow your boat on and start pumping air into the...
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    Best boat transport? Key questions to ask?

    Nah, it can be done. I've done it. I will admit it was quite a bigger challenge than I was counting on. Even though posters on this forum tried to explain it to me, I couldn't fathom how much more effort trailer launching a 30' boat was over the 26' that I had done many times. A tongue...
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    Halyard selection

    Now that you have the size selected, double braid polyester with a dyneema core would be one choice to consider for your application. Low stretch but still good handling characteristics.
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    Why is my sail coming apart?

    Well, I had hoped to take the boat out today and get some more pics as suggested but projects at home kept me off the water. I have been in contact with National Sail Supply for a new Rolly Tasker mainsail. They gave me a quote that is well within what I would have expected with delivery in...