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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    Doh! You're right! 101 was a polysulfide. I liked it because it never yellowed, where Boatlife has always yellowed and flaked on me no matter what it says on the tube. Outside the US, we often find a 3M polyether, and I was confusing that with 101. Mark
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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    I also found the Locktite polyurethane I though went missing. It used to be called PL40 or something like that, now it is called "door and window sealant", or similar. I've had poor luck with 4000UV in the past, but never with 101. They could be the same, and my applications different. We...
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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    I've been using this for years. Locktite used to also make a polyurethane, but I can't seem to find it anymore. The price of it has also doubled in the past 2yrs. When it first hit the market, it was under $5. 3M used to make a polyether - it was called "101", and I liked that stuff, but...
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    Stupid electrical question

    I try to get rid of any glass fuses - even cutting them off supplied equipment and replacing with ATC - because I have so many problems with them over time. Is it possible that the 1A fuse is recommended because of the 20g wire pigtail? The manufacturer doesn't know what is connecting that...
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    Exercising on a boat - Look what I fell in love with!

    This. Every year when leave the boat for 4-6 weeks to visit family, we gain 10lbs. Once back on the boat in our normal life, we lose it and easily maintain our previous weights. After several years of this, we have definitely fingered snacking and huge portions of rich food as the culprit...
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    Freezer evaporator replacement

    Oops, I somehow missed that the only thing wrong is a bad electronic control module. Yes, these are still available for older systems. As mentioned, Kollmann Marine is a good source, and I think r-parts still sell them. Mark
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    Freezer evaporator replacement

    We recently replaced our evaporator plate (not a Hunter). The tubing connecting the evaporator to the compressor is part of the evaporator itself - a couple feet of a single aluminum tube soldered to a longer length of copper tube that breaks out into two separate tubes. One tube is the gas...
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    cruising apps for Ipad

    Batelco's plan rates are here: They are much cheaper than the Verizon plan mentioned above. The SIM card itself costs $17, and a 15GB data plan $35/month (with VAT, this would be Chris's $54). If you don't use all of the data, it rolls over...
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    Sometimes, progress comes slowly

    We have those exact old spice holders, and have also been looking for years for them. They must have only been in production for a short time. We recently solved the issue in a similar way as you, but with a different product. Mark
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    Pokit turns your iOS device into a sophisticated Multimeter

    The AC voltage limit is 42V, so not really applicable to sailboat systems beyond troubleshooting some rare electronic internals. A maximum of 2A limits its usefulness also. Mark
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    Pulling my engine. What would you add to the list?

    Since you have it out and at home, I'd replace the rear and front crankshaft seals for good measure. The front seal is dead simple on your engine, and the rear is simple once you remove the flywheel. And since you now have the flywheel off, consider replacing the damper plate. These things do...
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    No Duncantown this winter

    For some further information: And the government's plan: Check out this interview with Edward Lockhart (a true individualist character who would be...
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    The new Hinckley Bermuda 50.

    We saw a B50 in Bermuda. While it isn't ugly, it also isn't differentiated from most other contemporary designs. I had to look closely at the cove strip badges to know it was a Hinckley. I like the boat. Mark
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    NOAA wants to stop making NOAA charts!

    You can still see through them without batteries... Helps keep the condensation down. :) The risk of GPS being knocked out long term, or the risk of the end of civilization as we know it? Right now, they aren't necessarily related… :( Mark
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    NOAA wants to stop making NOAA charts!

    Yes, the data themselves make the chart - not the format in which they are presented. I'm a proponent of crowd sourcing for this. Even by ourselves, I often take the dingy around with my iPad and a HH depth sounder and "make" accurate electronic charts of poorly charted areas we are interested...