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    Embarking on an enclosure project

    Dunno, I think I finished mine in 2019
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    Imagine my surprise

    Not gonna get in to pluses and minuses for defending boat choices.... I like leaving my boat in a slip and getting going in 10 minutes, just saying.
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    Embarking on an enclosure project

    I took an old tent and made a popup tent -- used the mosquito netting from it, etc. So my enclosure covers the cabin, not the bimini area, but you can certainly expand from the idea.
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    Imagine my surprise

    Oh yeah, BWY has gotten lots of my money already, lol. I had the old tent hanging around, the poles were trashed, so I enjoyed making my own tent/popup cover. As for space inside -- let's be honest, these are glorified campers as it is. I'm working the skills and cash up to when I can get...
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    Imagine my surprise

    I keep my 86 Mac 25 in a funky little marina in Deale, Md. It's the closest Chesapeake to my house. So this past Sunday, I went down to finish up my season preps, and around the corner I see -- another Mac 25. Roughly the same age, but he's got what looks like an original pop-top enclosure in...
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    Mac 25 companionway threshold flexing

    When I got my M25, that bulkhead board was shot, so I built a new one - I noticed every time I got in, the cockpit flexed a lot. Built the board out of 3/4 ply, and built in a step to make the entry a bit smoother.
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    Redo Mac 25 interior cabin roof

    a late set of photos, just got to the boat this weekend. I could do it better a second time, but the hullliner looks a lot better than the old paint and glue spots.
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    Redo Mac 25 interior cabin roof

    I put new hull liner on mine as well. Got it from sailrite, went by their how to video. For the hardware, I had already rebedded and fixed the leaks, so the hull liner went over the bolts, and I did a little cut out on them to get it flat. no Pics right now, but I like the way it came out.
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    Embarrassment of cringes

    Just today, I took my new built 10‘ spindrift dinghy out to the lake for a test sail. All good, learning how this boat feels and reacts, after an hour or so, I decide I want to head in. As far as I can recall, I did a bad gybe with the intention of running downwind to the put in. There May have...
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    Not the time to be cheap

    I had that happen with my F-150 on the off ramp on I-95. Looked out the mirror to see it dragging behind me. The spare tire slowed it down. Pretty much a heart-stopper. the boat looked hilarious getting towed away. I ended up renting a u-haul with a hitch to get the boat home.
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    Boat Owners that have a MacGregor 25 Sailboat now!

    Wow. I, on the other hand can‘t sail, the governor of Maryland has banned recreational boating. But all in all, no big deal. Stay healthy, and count our blessings!
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    Sailing in the time of Coronavirus

    Have you checked out the aerodrome Rc kits? Really nice detail, lots of work. building the Sopwith Pup made me decide to switch over to building boats. I figured if I was gonna put that much effort in, I might as well be able to ride in it.
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    How to lift boat to paint bottom?

    I did the a frame and sling trick. Make sure you leave room to move the trailer out.......
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    New Mac 25 owner

    I paid 600 for mine, looked almost as rough. Main sail was original, no headsail. I second the butyl tape reccomendation, my boat seems to only leak now from the vent a P.O. put in over the head closet. @rgranger, I’m gonna steal what you did with the anchor rode.
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    Mac 25 Genoa upgrade Is a pretty good source on headsails. They recommend going For a 150. The Sailwarehouse has a large selection of options for macs.