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    Factory fresh water and holding tank sensors

    Good point. Talked to Warren Catalina Factory and he said only thing factory connected to battery was bilge pump. Great idea on cycle breakers. Clyde Thorington C310 # 246 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Factory fresh water and holding tank sensors

    My sensors stopped working couple years ago. Bought new sensors for guy to install. New sensors have plus and negative wires from sensor panel to hook up to boat electrical panel. Guy cut old sensor wire bundle and pulled old sensor panel. Old sensor did not have wires to electrical panel...
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    Replacing water tank

    Think biggest problem getting that big heavy mattress out. Clyde Thoringon C310 #245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Gauges that do not fog

    Just had to replace my temp gauge because of fogging. Old gauge had a tight adhesive seal between lens and gauge. When gauge installed nut tightens exterior lip of gauge so gives really good seal. All other parts of gauge look to be leak proof so would think designed for marine use but who...
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    Engine temp gauge

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    Engine temp gauge

    Thanks for your replies folks. Found replacement at Catalina Direct. Only difference background somewhat different then other instruments. Thanks again. Clyde Thorington
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    Engine temp gauge

    Any suggestions where can get eng temp replacement gauge to match existing on C310 panel? Mine fog up so can't read. At first thought condensation but don't think so. Clyde Thorington C310 #245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    There are no stupid questions. We have all been there at one time or another. Still learning after 76 years. Clyde Thorington C31- # 245 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Up the mast with spinnaker halyard?

    Furler drum stuck at head of sail and have friend to go up mast to check. Have used main halyard in past but wonder if spinnaker block strong enough to go up front of mast? Halyards same size. Want to be sure angle ok coming out of mast to drum. Worked ok last year but idle for six months...
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    SA/Displacement C310

    Thank you both for very good information. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    5411 head

    Friend of mine had overheat eng 80 miles off coast of Florida at night. Had interesting story about getting back to his marina. Net result cracked head. He looked found China had for $ 300.00 got email back no 5411 heads in China. Has been looking here no luck so far. Any one know where he...
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    SA/Displacement C310

    It appears most comparison between different boat specifications include Sail area/displacement figures. Published specs of C310 don't include that figure. Has anyone computed it? Just wondering. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    New owners/new name

    Just a thought. Might think about a name the Coast Guard could reply to. Something like "Lost at Sea' might confuse them. ( grn). Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 i lean too San Jose, CA