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    looking to purchase

    looking to get a bit more room and larger boat . not live aboard but short trips 2-5 days for couple or 2 cpls. found several in area but one in particular is a 1987 cat-34 with wing keel. can anyone direct me to a site to find out what was original equipt from factory and problem areas to...
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    Bilge Pump Spare

    Agreed with Benny If the cows are on the highway too late to close the gates. The second pump // switch is better if you have room. Some bilges are smaller than others. there fore my back up is on the shelf but on the boat with other spares.
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    Where to drain A/C condensate

    Thanks for all the great info. there is lots of food for thought. Spent most of the afternoon onboard today isolating the source of the water and it appears that it is coming from the cooling coils that the water flows thru. I check both hoses and they are dry so the leak is aparently inside...
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    Where to drain A/C condensate

    I noticed the other day that my builge pump was running every couple of minutes then off coming on about every 2 minutes . Investigated and found the pump barrings were shot. Luckily I have a spare pump onboard so it was a 5 minute job. However there is a small trickle of water coming from the...
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    Honda 2000 generator

    a permanent mount isnt needed as the gen weighs less than 50 lbs and has rubber feet . i usually sit mine in cock pit by stern rail .
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    Stern light blocked by dinghy....

    greetings Bob, My boat came with a SS radar arch on the stern and the stern light was relocated to the top of the arch. Another ooption is to move it to the transom as they make lights that are more water resistant now in the aqua signal line. Depends on how much drilling you are willing to do i...
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    What's going on in the wheelhouse of that ship?

    As a professional mariner, I can attest to the accuracy of these findings. Having worked 6 on 6 off since 1995, there are so many days that turn out to be 18 hr days at sea. personaly speaking, I have found myself making choices between eating and sleeping. after standing a 6 hr watch , you...
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    compass rehab

    Make a paste from baking soda and water. Use your fingers to polish the dome , this is like a polishing /rubbing compund that some jewelers use to remove scratches from watch crystals. And Happy fourth to you also.
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    AGM Battery Life Expectancy

    As Steve mentioned, I would test the batteries individually. I had 2 AGM's in my H-31 I purchased in Sept of last year that had one went bad. However , they were installed in Sept 2004 so they lasted 6 yrs. Due to the foot print and performance, i replaced with same brand and size. Solved my...
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    diesel generator

    I also had the gen set blues at one time for my hunter 31 and found that the MASE gensets had a pretty small foot print and also more affordable than the panda's. LIke others mentioned aboave, i found myself using the honda 2000 to supply A/C while on the hook. The prices i found for the mase...
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    ice makers

    interesting find while doing online search . Might show some merit for the week ender trips.
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    New Orleans to Gulfport

    Greetings Chris, There are basically 2 channels " if you wanna stay in the ICW " that run to gulfport. Being a tugboat rather than sail boat, ive made that passage too many times to count. The one member here that i know can help from experience is nice-n-easy. He lives off the lake and...
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    looking for advice

    From the pics , I'd say repairable Re: new yanmar would be in the $ 7000 range maybe a little less plus install.
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    View Discretion Advised

    hmmmmm, mother-in-law suite comes to mind.. :-)
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    Great Sail Today

    ahhh nothing like a short sail to take the edge off the day.. now we just gotta deal with the heat again. lol Fair winds