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    Why did you poke the frog?

    We were camping one time. Sitting around the fire, when a big frog hopped up close to my wife. She leaned over a bit to look at it and the frog jumped straight at her face! It planted a foot IN her ear, the pushed off and landed directly in the middle of the fire. It never moved again. It was a...
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    Took this today. Spring is here, but the lake doesn't seem to know it. Probably won't be open water till may
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    Bucket List

    Me and a friend planned on trailering up to great slave lake. 11th largest lake in the world. We just couldn't manage the time off. It would be pretty cool sailing that far north, the sun sets for a little over 4 hours a night. Hopefully this link works...
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    Wow, a mysterious beauty

    Saw this in Freeport bahamas back in 2016. I don't know if it is the same boat, but it was gorgeous.
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    Dregs of winter

    Nice to know not many tracks. At least the snow makes it too much work for the theives! We were living here because it was the Golden zone for work and income. Now I'm not too sure. My youngest graduates this year, and I'm hoping to be sailing the carribean instead of this bs next winter!!!
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    Dregs of winter

    One of those masts sticking up is mine! Did you go check on my tarp for me?
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    Cuba to USA

    I knew a guy (Canadian) that bought in Cuba. His plan was to motor straight to Florida to do a refit. Political issues made that difficult. The way around it was to simply go first to Mexico, then over to Florida. My understanding of it is you cannot check into the us with cuba as your last...
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    The improbable voyage of an Anchorage man who tried to sail to China to see his wife and son

    So, a convicted sex offender leaves his country illegally, enters another illegally, all in search of his own kid that he hasn't had anything to do with for multiple years. Oh yeah, he also killed his last girlfriend by vehicular homicide! Sounds like his ex doesn't or shouldn't want him...
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    Calling on all you creative types

    To answer the hose reel question. for work I needed a 100' cord to run my trailer(residential siding) compressor, saws, ect. So I needed minimal amp loss. I bought underground cable, don't ask the size, it was years ago and I don't remember. But to the point, it's very heavy and a pain to roll...
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    Pull Cord Won't Budge

    Check the obvious first. Is it in neutral ? Mine can be bumped into gear when it is tilted up.
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    Boat Portrait Found!

    I recently went to an art show in the town where my marina is. A local photographer had some beautiful time lapse shots of the northern lights over the marina. The night was so calm that even with the time lapse, you could read our boats name on the stern. Unfortunately I'm too cheap to pay the...
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    Introduction & Questions From a Newbie

    Hey Kermit, I will definately defer to your knowledge here. I don't have any experience directly with the h23. I was basing off of experience with boats of similar size, 24-27' Although my doctor has called me superman on occasion when I describe the events leading up to several injuries:-)
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    Introduction & Questions From a Newbie

    Hey John, welcome to the forum and to sailing. My advice for both launching and rigging the mast is the same. Exactly what you just did, ask for help. There will be other sailors in the marina, get some help from them, explain this is all new to you. Most of us love to help, and play with other...
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    Job interview

    I showed that video to my sons when they went job hunting. I also told them, this is your competition! It greatly reduced their stress and nervousness in the interview. They both got the first job they interviewed for. But I also agree with @pateco. The world and hiring market are changing. My...
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    Tohatsu 5hp 4-stroke dies

    I have the same outboard. This spring launch it had the same problems. I put in a new fuel filter and spark plug, and now it starts and runs perfect. Try the cheap and easy fixs before ripping the carb apart.